St Clair Avenue West Road Improvements recycle St Clair W. in the GJA


This stretch of St Clair Avenue West could have been called meat packing central 15 years ago. The Maple leaf meats research centre stood on the lot where the Pharma Plus store is now.  Ont the North side of the street was the distribution wing of Maple Leaf Meats, a business that dominated this part of the street.

Now with houses to the north and retail to the south this finalizing of the road widening will all but complete the public street changes to crate a walk-able and people friendly area.




St. Clair Avenue West Widening, Cobalt Avenue to East of Mondovi Gate
The City of Toronto will e widening the pavement on St. Clair Ave. W. from Cobalt Avenue to 70 m east of Mondovi Gate. This work will include new concrete curb and sidewalk and concrete base roadway on the south side. Some widening on the north side is also planned to make space for left turn lanes at Mondovi Gate. This project is expected to be completed by November 11, 2011.

It seems that under the St.Clair Avenue Study “Corsetti Meats” and the land they own is zoned for Comercial/Retail on the ground floor and Five or Six story’s of residential above.

Corsetti Meats owns the land all the way to Colbalt Avenue so you could see this all being redeveloped in the near future.

The St.Clair Avenue Study is now fully complete with amendments and was approved on September 21, 2011, I would assume that the city website will be updated in the near future with this new info.

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Now, if we could just get some decent TTC service west of the Loop, that would be nice. I suggest a St.Clair West bus running straight along St.Clair to at least Jane Street.

Too bad Rob Ford was elected and cancelled Transit City, shelving the extension of St. Clair West streetcar to Jane that was to coincide with the construction of the Jane LRT line. Of course, no LRT line on Jane is necessary to extend the 512 line, but Ford has an irrational dislike of streetcars.

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