Tonight : Old McBrides site meeting



Indian Road Crescent Junior Public School, Gymnasium, 285 Indian Road Crescent  :

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM Wednesday October 19, 2011.


See this post for details


The meeting went well, C. Perks office is going to send out the developer presentation today, I’m sure the Junctioneer wouldn’t mind posting a few pictures of it, I’ll add it to the JRA site.

The presentation was about the size and position of the building, not actually what it will look like. It almost fits the avenues study guidelines for a character avenue exactly. It’s about a half storey too big so they basically rounded up to 7 floors.

see this link for more on the Avenues and Mid-rise Buildings Study

In my opinion it’s a great start, much better than the carwash and they are incorporating a few things that should help with crime in the area, residential units on the laneway for example.

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