More blog harping about the old #11 police station and its possible uses


One of the greatest opportunities for the Greater Junction Area community is the now vacant old police station on Mavety Street at number 209. Why the entire community within walking distance is not rushing to work to get this building into the communities hands this blog  cannot fathom. Even if the effort is simply to tell the local elected persons of the need for the multiple uses this building can offer for the community.

A few months ago the blog received an email about residents on  Mavety Street organizing a public meeting about the building, which this author thinks did not  happen.

Of course the city needs to declare the property redundant or in other words not needed. They can decide  the building and land are need for the revenue their sale would generate, selling the site for a short-term cash infusion to the huge city budget would be a great loss to the area.

In hope of getting people to see the some of the many possibilities, here is a design for a nursery and daycare build by a municipal government in France.

The police station and its lot are great opportunities for a complete building reconfiguration.



This design is based on the concept of a body cell with its nucleus as the core and surrounding elements that are being confined by the cell membran byFrench architects Paul Le Quernec and Michel Grasso have shared with us photos of their recently completed collaboration, La Bulle Enchantée, a nursery in Sarreguemines, France.





































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Is there any proven demand for a daycare at this location? Who would pay for it as it appears the City already has a backlog of unfunded demand? The site is too valuable for just a daycare.

Agreed the site needs to be used for more than a daycare, the blog is flootting ideas about its use, another may a small Junction museum space

Perhaps co-op housing with a daycare could be an option. Some market priced housing, some City supported housing geared to income.

There is more than enough demand for this to be just a DC, the waiting list in the area is 1.5-2 years long. Funding will come from the families that need the space, no City funding will be required.

If there is considerable demand and if no City funding is needed, then why hasn't the public sector stepped in to fill that need? Something doesn't add up here.

I think
Private development of daycare in
The junction is difficult, finding dutiable location where their is not considerable local opposition,

Daycares are disrupting places.

Because running a DC is difficult, very expensive. heavily regulated, and the NIMBY's generally oppose having that big a DC in the area. Remember the DC that had such a difficult time trying to open on High Park Blvd? People didn't want cars lining the street and the next door neighbours didn't want the noise.

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