One of the great benefits of living in a community bounded on most sides by railway tracks are the great sightings

From just about anywhere whilst walking you can see icons of the Canadian ideals  running along the rails, just this past weekend the series of new technology wind towers floated by on their sides. Also both provincial and federal wheat trains went by.
As the federal government dismantles the wheat board i guess these trains will disappear and private or railroad cars will replace them.
..from the Globe and mail about the  Canadian Wheat Board
Stephen Harper is using his majority power to scrap the wartime-era monopoly Ottawa granted the Canadian Wheat Board over western wheat and barley sales, a move laden with political symbolism for the Conservative Leader.
The change will grant western Canadian farmers, from B.C.’s Peace River district to eastern Manitoba, the freedom as of August, 2012, to sell their wheat and barley to whomever they choose. In most cases, the buyers are expected to be big agricultural firms such as Cargill.

full story at the Globe

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