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Has a Tomato redux come to the Junction? Narwhal at 2988 Dundas Street West



Has a Tomato [1.] redux come to the Junction, in the form of Narwhal art space and activity at  2988 Dundas Street West. Reading their web site, one can feel that level of energy and abandon expression similar to the beginnings on the iconic  art design collective Tomato (before the telly and ad stuff) with some of the General Idea Yonge Street storefront mixed in.

As far as new street front activities for the Junction this one is  prodigious, pronounced, and may it also be  prolonged. Coupled with the Telephone Galley to the west the Junction now has two real art establishments. Yea!

There doors are open on Saturdays and Sundays, and randomly during the week too.


information via the group


A celebration of creative living, Narwhal is an ever morphing

installation space of ideas and art projects.

Based at 2988 Dundas Street West,

Narwhal provides an informal and interactive

 platform for artists to exhibit site specific installations.

Working with both local and International artists,

 Narwhal carries a curated selection

 of original art and special artist multiples.

2988 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON M6P1Z3
1 647.346.5317

Green 13 requested post about

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Parkdale Residents Association AGM Thursday 1 December 2011 at 7 pm

The Annual General Meeting of the Parkdale Residents Association (PRA) is scheduled for Thursday 1 December 2011 at 7 pm in the May Robinson Auditorium at 20 West Lodge Avenue. At this meeting, the PRA customarily elects its Executive Officers and its Executive Committee for 2012. Any PRA member in attendance can put his or her name in nomination to join the Executive. We will also be presenting the annual President’s and Treasurer’s reports.

The special guests for this evening will be Superintendant Dave Vickers andSuperintendant Art Little of 14 Division (who have taken over on an interim basis for the recently retired Superintendant Ruth White) and Superintendant Peter Lennox and Inspector Brian Preston of 11 Division. They will be reviewing the changes in police service and responsibility resulting from the recent changes in divisional boundaries and specify how they affect Parkdale.

Also on hand will be Councillor Gord Perks who will review recent municipal developments and outline his priorities for the coming year. MPP Cheri DiNovo may also be on hand but has yet to confirm. I will be keeping you informed about the progress of this meeting and look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Wonderful park furniture


…really there are no words need to describe how perfect this work is , the piece becomes  a self contained shelter and community place in this setting.


Constructed from thick folded steel drawn, shaped and fabricated with painstaking accuracy, this bold red structure is an enigmatic resting and conversation point - Design: sixteen*(makers) at The Bartlett UCL

Mandated civil planning to create artificial architectural detailing



The street level component of a  proposed condo development on Annette St.  is set  to end up  a rather bland infill under the  design requirements of the City of Toronto.

Looking  at the image above it can be  clearly seen the developers are designing under the city  requirement to build into the building an element that aligns the  portion of the building that runs parallel with the height of the existing buildings on either side of the new building to create a sight line that unifies the running height along the street-scape.

While this is an important consideration for some new infill buildings, such as where a historical building  would be diminished in view or scale. Requiring the rule to be applied to all construction extremely limits designers and builders ability to build for use and needs to the people who are actually going to live in the building.

As more people in the city choose condo living, why not explore the opportunistic appeal of condo living, designing and creating buildings that mold in the new fabric created by the people though the their use of their community.

Below is an image of the a contemporary housing project by IKEA – the furniture company, which also builds housing. This project in Scotland, does not work to align window height,or maintain traditional fenestration coverage. It does not conform to roof design norms in the area  but it does add and fit into the areas older group of buildings, being designed to bring new visual entrance  views for both the roadway turn and the buildings connection to its area.

As the greater amount of Junction residential stock changes from buildings of two and two and half story houses to a greater volume of condos in the next 5 to 7 years, attention and a change will be necessarily in the communities directions to its elected persons to develop a a greater interest in urban participatory design or the community will end up with artificial build environment.  [1.a predication extrapolated  from the number of condo development under consideration and available lots for condos}


Contemporary Housing · IKEA Scotland · Newcastle Architect Studios

Junction BIA – SANTA *IN THE JUNCTION Sat. Nov 26th

Well this is quite something,

Video of the event last year

CPR Railroad holiday-train Tuesday, November 29 6:15 p.m., 750 Runnymede Rd,




The CPR Railroad holiday-train is returning to the Junction this year, at a new place.

Past Councillor Bill Saundercook worked with the CPR Railroad to bring the train visits to the Junction, from the downtown where they once were, now new Councillor Sarah Doucette  is continuing to support this event.

about the train…

At each event, the Holiday Train provides a box car stage, a line up of great musical talent and a corporate contribution to the local food bank. The community, in turn, is encouraged to donate food.

This is the 13th year that the Canadian Pacific (CP) Holiday Train has been raising food,  and awareness for food banks in communities across Canada and the U.S. 

The Canadian Holiday Train will be in the Junction

Tuesday, November 29

6:15 p.m., 750 Runnymede Rd,
in front of CP Lambton yard office,
parking only in Walmart lot


New Toronto public space advertising policies and you! free talk Nov 22nd



For more information on the policies, and critical analysis visit:

-630: Arrival
-645: Introduction by moderator
-700: Dr. Trevor Norris, Author ‘Consuming Schools’
-710: Rick Miller, Writer/Director/Performer of ‘HARDSELL’
-720: Dr. Brian Cook, Toronto Public Health Department
-730: Jayme Turney, Executive Director – Toronto Public Space Initiative
-740: Q and A
-800: End




Dr. Trevor Norris’ research focuses on the intersection of eduction, politics and philosophy, or, a political philosophy of eductional thought. The main stream of his research concerns globalization, neo-liberalism, and democracy, with a specific focus on the political and pedagogical implications of consumerism. His most recent book, ‘Consuming Schools’, examines how the increasing prevalence of consumerism in contemporary society often equates happiness with the acquisition of material objects, and the impact of consumerism on politics and education.


Rick Miller is the Dora and Gemini award winning writer/director/performer of HARDSELL, a riveting ‘performance/lecture’ that boldly examines the commodification of everything and the lies inherent in advertising. In the play Miller raises the difficult question of how to live in this world of the HARDSELL, where lies constantly distract us from the truth. The play encourages audience members to confront their own complicity within consumer society. If we are biologically built to ‘sell’, to ‘produce’ and to ‘consume’, then what is it we are actually selling, producing and consuming? How much choice and freedom do we actually have?


Dr. Brian Cook is a researcher for the Toronto Public Health Department. In 2008, his work on children’s marketing led the Toronto Board of Health to unanimously call for a national ban on marketing to children. He has also done research on children’s marketing for the Public Health Agency of Canada and is involved in an international research project on children’s TV advertising across 12 countries.

Runnymede Park is at its prime for rolling in and throwing leaves this weekend




Great weekend to see older construction details this at this store front Reno just west of Clendenan Ave