1st new homes on Vine Ave in decades nearing completion

looking rather nice eh!


They are quite nice. Now if they could just do away with the no right turns onto Vine St between 4-6 weekdays all would be good, the traffic flow around there sucks and is only going to get worse.

If you opened up those vine flood gates, where are the police who are camped out there daily going to write all of their tickets?

That "no right" is very necessary. People rip down Vine as a short cut to the west and during that time without the sign it would make the situation that much worse. I guess the alternative would be speed bumps. This type of issue is also present in the neighborhood between Dufferin and Lansdowne.

I wish they could have sold the two junk houses beside this complex. Can you believe that the one with the new siding has been abandoned since the 1960's? I wonder why the owners hold on to it… seems suspicious.

That was fast! They look reasonably nice. Will have to take a walk by there for a closer look. Definitely need to keep that "No right turn" prohibition to restrict traffic through a residential area.

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