Bridge link over the tracks always wanted in the Junction …another close by west end community gets one.

King Liberty Pedestrian/Cyclist Link location on image to go to the cities site on this project


One of the 1st items many people who come to live in the Junction wish for is a bridge over the tracks to connect the two areas north and south of  Canadian Pacific Railway tracks. This has been an always ongoing discussion in the Junction and while there are some locations for the ground fall of the bridge on the north side of the tracks there are few if any on the south side.

This want/need? in bound to get even more community interest as development on the north side of tracks increases. Although this author can see such as bridge, …which the author is not so interested in having but wonders if it would be a good community addition… would service a very small section of the the community.

A railroad bridge in the Junction would probably be well used residents just north of Annette St. Would those people living south of Annette St. walk or ride over the bridge enough to justify building a bridge, and would northern residents come south over the bridge?


..well here the info on the King Liberty area Railroad topping bridge….

full study link at City of Toronto site

full study link at this blog



The City of Toronto undertook the

 “Toronto West-Central Area Strategic


Network Review” in 2006 and identified

 the need to better integrate the communities
north and south of the CN/GO railway corridor

between Atlantic Avenue and Strachan
Avenue. At its meeting of February 13, 2007,

 Toronto and East York Community Council
in considering a further report on a proposed

 pedestrian link at this location (TE3.45)
recommended that Transportation Services

 undertake an Environmental Assessment (EA)
study for a Pedestrian Link between King

 Street West and Liberty Village.

This item was considered by Public Works and Infrastructure Committee

 on November 3, 2011 and was adopted with amendments.

It will be considered by City Council on November 29, 2011.

further in package  Reference Drawings / Plans / Profiles appendix_e_reference_drawings and Stage 1 Archaeological Assessment appendix_d_arch_assessment

same files as package hosted at this blog


Hmm, I wish we could have a bridge in the junction between junction (Mc Murrey) and north side of the tracks (Ethel Ave / Dods Ave) connecting all Metro / HD / Rona. It would really cut down the walk around the Keele bridge, to Dundas. I wonder if that would be ever possible.

I'd love to see the Old Weston Rd. bridge replaced with a new pedestrian/bike bridge. Could connect somehow to the West Toronto Railpath too. And imagine the amazing viewing platform you could have up above the West Toronto diamond?

A pedestrian bridge that high and that long would be a questionable thing. Safety and weather would be big factors for anyone crossing it.

A bridge would be a much needed link between two parts of the community, helping pedestrians and cyclists get to shopping, parks, and various other amenities and destinations on both sides of the tracks. Keele and Runnymede are too far apart for pedestrians; a midblock connection would be very useful.

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