West Toronto Diamond project reaches Black Creek Drive

Black Creek Drive at its foot has been reduced to one lane as work proceeds on the rail bridgework overhead.

This slows down the traffic turn left on to Old Weston Rd. quite a bit.

A this has to do with the West Toronto part of the airport link, hopefully we will to see them build a new bridge section.

Up til now the the Weston Rd. area up in the Mount Dennis area has all the exciting stuff on the public highway.



I live right across the street from this site and I can tell you that it is absolute hell! The pollution is ridiculous leaving black crud on my windows but you don't want to even open up those windows to get fresh air (now being June) not just from the pollution but the noise is unbearable! As I mentioned it is now June and they started this back in January and I can tell you that I along with so many in the area have had enough! It's one thing to hear regular construction work being done but those massive machines they are using to pound down those support beams or whatever they are make more than excessive noise. Even with double paned windows it is nothing but constant pounding not just for short periods of time but consistently for entire days and every day except the weekends. Starting around 7am usually but have seen it start earlier and now that the days are longer so are they, pounding until around 6:30pm! The pounding is so intense that the whole house shakes! Neighbours have mentioned things falling off their shelves! This is absolutely horrible and the GO Transit that is building this doesn't even give a damn about the residents. Didn't ask us if we wanted this in our neighbourhood. No compensation for these unbearable living conditions. Nothing! Not even an apology for the hell we go through every day! To hell with their project, to hell with those corporate A-Holes who only give a crap about themselves, their peers and the mighty buck! Yes I am p.o'd and so would anyone who had to live where I do under these circumstances.

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