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Update 1: Mr Ralph Scala has been granted bail Thursdat jan 05 2012 on 78 charges, including threatening damage and mischief, he must obey a curfew of 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. and continue to stay away from the Quebec Ave.

thanks to blog reader Karen for posting the Toronto Star piece about this in the comments.

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Mr Ralph Scala now sometimes of Quebec Ave was arrested again Wednesday morning the 4th 0f January 2012. How sad for both the community and the man himself.

This arrest will provide the community with some distance  once again in feeling safe from this man actions but only for a time.   But does nothing to solve the problem, the cause of the both the accused anger and his fathers cannot be discovered and re-mediated in the process of the courts it seems, as after a 3 year court imposed exclusion from the area., the behavior still exists.

This blog does not know if the father and son have taken any anger management courses, such courses our often used by defense lawyers and the crown prosecution to remedy minor assault (if any assault can be considered minor – but Ontario courts do distinguish)  and cases such as the Scalas.

The program can be really – really successful, assisting all sorts of anti social behavior individuals engage in allowing them  to understand why they behave how they do, and the real direct their anger is pushing them which most often in very much to a greater understanding of themselves – which can cause a stoppage to the behavior. Consisting of 16 weeks of discovery and teaching often in a group of like-minded and charged individuals.

Reported in the Toronto Star – police said

“He wouldn’t come out of his house. He’s been holed up for a month and a half,” Hall said.

When police arrived, Scala was “putting on his pants, watching the security monitor,” he said. “He just doesn’t care.”

Rather than … just not caring, which my be the opinion of many,  does Mr Scala just not understand that his needs can be better served by better actions on his part, allowing him to see this ill mother when he wants and live where he wants. It is clear the both the father and son feel connected to their street and community, the Junction has that ability to bring that out in people.

The police seem to have a relationship with him, speaking to him on the phone, and having such knowledge as to keep him at bay from going back to the egregious acts he has been convicted of doing, without a thought out plan of action they seem to be taking (my guessing) things could have gotten worse than verbal statements again.

Addressing his situation with the Justice system, accepting its terms and living by them. Setting boundaries of how he will let the situations that annoy him, govern his actions would serve him well, and the community he is part of.



Don't think they have issues with small animals, think they really admire dogs nor have they been charged with stealing as far as i know.

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