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Breaking news: Junction Farmers Market gets city permission to use Green P lot on Pacific Ave

Just in after much diligent  work the group getting the Junction Farmers market started has received confirmation on the location.  The market has received city permission to use the Green P parking lot on Pacific Ave just south of Dundas St West on the east side.

The  twitter feed for the project  is  @junctionmarket

Update 29/02/2012 10:45pm: they will be using the east side of the lot, leaving the west side for parking.




Junction Farmers Market to make big update anytime now.



From the Big Think Blog – How to Ask a Good Question at a Public Event

1. Before you ask a question, make sure it’s a question.

Do you want to share some idea you think is important or do you actually have a question for the speaker? A question is something that would be written with a question mark at the end and causes your voice to go up. If your voice doesn’t go up at the end of it it’s not a question. Repeat the words you want to say to yourself before you stand up and get in line for the mic — if your voice doesn’t go up at the end of them you do not have a question in mind; please sit back down. Did your inner voice go up? Good, you have a question — please proceed to step 2.

2. You have a question. But is it relevant to ask it now?

It’s great that you actually have a question to ask. That separates you from about half the people standing in front of you in line waiting for their turn at the mic. Fortunately, you now have some time to determine if this is the right time and place to ask it. Some things to take into consideration: Is this question relevant to the themes discussed at today’s event? In particular, is it essential to ask this question of this particular speaker, or is it just something you’ve been wondering about for a while? The best questions are formulated specifically for the speaker while remaining interesting to others in attendance. Ask yourself, is this question something you think other audience members would like to hear the answer to? If you do not believe that the question is particularly related to the topics covered in today’s talk and you’re not sure if other people in the audience would be interested to hear it, it’s probably best to err on the side of caution and sit back down. If after consideration you strongly believe that the question is directly relevant to today’s subject matter and that many others in the audience would be interested to hear the speaker’s response, move on to step 3.

3. You’re close to the mic. Now why do you want to ask this question?

You have an actual question that is relevant to the themes of today’s event and which you believe will be interesting to others. You are very close to asking something meaningful. Now it’s time to examine your own intentions in asking this question: Do you want to lead the speaker towards a certain answer? Put her on the spot? Show her that you disagree with something she said? And how does your intention towards the speaker relate to your larger intention towards the others in attendance? Do you want to look like you’re smarter than the speaker? Or do you want to clarify something for everyone in the room? Intention is the key to phrasing the question in the most beneficial way possible. When you know your intentions the appropriate question will become clear as well as the best way to phrase it. Do you know your intentions? If you still don’t know what you intend in asking this question it’s probably best to invent an excuse to leave the line now. If your intention in asking the question is clear — and the question itself is becoming clearer — stay in line and move on to step 4.

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Junction early years centre

Filled to capacity often the early years centre in the Junction is so popular among families, people need to arrive bright and early for the daily activities.

As a community resource this Ontario government program really provides a needed community services.

It addition and probably much less important it brings considerable traffic and people activity to the area which really needs more foot traffic.




1844 Bloor St. W. Bloor Street condo development focus meeting



Bloor Street condo development focus of meeting

Councillor Sarah Doucette is arranging a community consultation meeting to discuss the condominium development proposed for 1844 Bloor St. W. on Thursday, March 1 at Humberside Collegiate Institute’s Lismar Hall from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

The purpose of the meeting is to initiate a consultation process. City of Toronto planning staff will be seeking a small group of community volunteers to participate in a design working group.

Bike superhighways just what Toronto needs and probably will never see.

Blue painted area is bike superhighway for cyclists


The City of London just announced that because of the opening of two bike superhighways in July of 2010 bike traffic is up 70% on two major thoroughfares in London in the year following. Build to get people on bikes instead of in their cars laying down safe, straightforward  cycling paths from outer neighborhoods into the city. They plan to  install an easy to navigate cycling super numerical series of such super pathways.

Read more: London’s Bike Superhighways Help Bike Traffic Increase by 70% | Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World

Read More: concerning the input of cyclists in the design of the Bike superhighways

Other cities have built such roadways for decades such that they are a normal part of the transportation choices for people in the  Netherlands – which didn’t get its extensive network of separated bicycle facilities overnight—it took decades [1.source]

Another city – Portland—which may spend $600 million on bicycle infrastructure over the next 20 years, with a goal of upping the cycling rate to 25 percent of all trips by 2030—that has most energetically taken on the bicycle boulevard concept…[1.source]

And further…

Sweden Plans A New Superhighway For Cyclists

Those Scandinavians are so cutting edge and bike friendly. Now they’re going a step further, connecting two cities with a major artery that’s for bikes only. [2.source]


Chicago has a series of  protected bike lanes which probably would be a good idea for your Toronto with its car non-centrism around the rights of people moving and people driving.


Protected bike lanes are designed with all kinds of people in mind.

Protected bike lanes are designed with all kinds of people in mind, Chicago, Click image to visit source of image site,



Transport for London’s Cycle Superhighways site click here to view.

Annette Street Choir – free vocal music program

The starting of a free children’s choir program that will take place on Sundays for approximately 8 weeks, with a concert to take place at the end of our months of hard work and practice, is being organized by two local residents.

They have a blog at blog -www. for more information about the program.

<a href=""their blog


Why does Bloor West Village attract a strong mix of speciality retailers

Bloor West Village has such a good mix mix of chain speciality shops such as those pictured above mixed with the best local retailers, why this blog really wonders.

Is it because of the Subway, or the well run local business that attracts the chain retailers that in there coming attract even more shoppers?


Local gallery activities, Telephone Booth Gallery

The Telephone Booth Gallery is placing an interesting show in the community in March, featuring a number of locally living Toronto artists.

Its great to see a show like this here in the Junction, common in art centric areas in a number of larger cities, guessing the Junction needed a gallery with the understanding it was needed.



Closest kids centre at Dundas St. Up across from Shoppers Drug Mart

With the High Park Family Fun Place gone now, is the blog right that the closest alternative one is