Local indoor and outdoor farmers markets can thrive in cities if Halifax is considered

Halifax has two indoor farms markets within blocks of each other, within a 15 minute walk.

About the same distance between Pacific Ave and Runnymede Rd.

One occupies a part of an old brewery building and has been there for decades, while another is in a newly built-in 2011 purpose-built building. The new building located by the Pier 21 Centre has a great choice of foodstuffs as well as crafts. It is open 7 days a week.

Of course Halifax is not served with the number or range of supermarkets as the Greater Junction Area is.

But indoor farmers market in Toronto are not within the normal acceptable range of weekend market going or daily. Patronage for walkabout daily food needs shopping is needed.

Looking at the building availability levels in the Greater Junction Area, there are locations off the main shopping strip that would well suit this type of organization, such as Junction Rd and maybe the Keele centre lot.

The thing item this year is the upcoming outdoor farmers market in Dundas St west in the Junction. This grass-roots effort is great and the people putting it together should be praised, a distinct group from other organizations in the Junction they are able to develop their project from a clean slate.




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