High Park Family Fun Place closes

A blog reader has written in that High Park Familly Fun Place has lost their location in the Junction at the building on the north east corner of Pacfic Ave and Dundas St West.

Original post about FFP on this blog click here

Rent arrears is the issue. Of course the building owner cannot carry a rent arrears on such a store front as the city taxes are the highest for this store frontage in the building – which would place the success of the building at risk. It is important to note this building owner has contributed more than probably any other building owner to this community though his support of community activities.

There is a rally being planned for this coming Saturday to support the Fun Place staying in the Junction and to locate a new site.

Creating such a community centric – centre rather than simply a business has been a goal of Jennifer and Pierre.

It has also been a similar goal for the owner of the building (who also owns the lot used by the community next to the building) The building owner allowed the Junction Arts Festival non profit (JFAC during the directorship of Michael Menagon and chairmanship of Bill Sandercook) to build the train station platform on the lot which is still used by the community.

As the Junction area moves towards a stronger commercial and cultural preponderance changes will occur.

We now as a community need to work to ensure both can exist, greater community commercial success and niche business that provide more than simply retail services, in fact a move to the west of Quebec Ave. for the fun place – where there is some really great space could actually help the centre as it is out of the business improvement area and the buildings are not subject to the tax levy associated with buildings within the business improvement area thus reducing there rental costs.

Note: this author has no personal or businesses relationship with the building owner, it is just important to make the facts known.


Now is a great time for me to say "TOLD YOU SO"! Too bad your archive doesn't go back far enough to the point when it first opened and we said it wouldn't last which was followed by chastising comments from the gallery.

Was told by somone in the OEYC that the building owner wanted to double the rent, and that the building owner (not the owners of FFP) actually started placing items in the family fun place (jungle gym etc) online for sale on kijiji.

archives go back all the way to beginning its the wordpress search that i need to find a new plugin for now that Apture is gone (sold to google crashing all the links made with that service)

I am sure there is another post?!?!?!? And I said more…but it was 2 years old, memory not as good as it was….

Not surprised at all, more surprised that it took 2 years…

I have seen there website, FB and am getting only one side of the story, who knows what happened?

Doubt they will find another location and will probably just give up.

Intrigued to know what will be there instead now, hopefully something good and more useful!

They are having an anti-bullying protest on Saturday, hope the weather holds up!

Sonny P, looks like the people who owned HPFP could have used your expert business consulting skills before opening up shop. But whatever one can say about their business savvy (I personally can't comment), the fact remains that HPFP was a place well loved by dozens of Junction families, including my own. It really was "more than than simply a business" and I know for a fact that it will be missed by many kids (and grownups too). Its closing is, no doubt, a great personal blow for the owners. So gloating about its demise is in very poor taste – even if it gives you a chance to show off to the world your unusually keen foresight.

Awesome Sonny- way to cheer on the small business owner. If you are indeed a resident of the Junction, shame on you. It is these very small businesses, run by members of the community that play a fundamental role within our neighbourhood. Didn't your mommy ever teach you the one about not having anything nice to say?

There was a Shopper's in that building. It moved west of Runnymede. LCBO looked at old Dollarama and apparently has decided against it. Lack of parking is a big factor. Either LCBO or Dollarama, or both would perhaps go good in that building IF they leave the vacant lot for parking.

I agree about the small businesses, Jen and Pierre are one of them. run by members of the community bit but only 8 or so of the Junction BIA business owners live in this community out of a membership of say 147 ot 174 I always get that number switched around.

The Junction need more owner operators.

Word has it a real estate agent associated with a gentleman's club has viewed the location.

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Thanks! I am quite insightful. I blame you for it's closing. You should have chained your kids to the door so that my kids could point an laugh on our way to Vine Park.

Unless it's right downtown, the LCBO and Beer Store always seem to go for the most anti-urban stores set far from the street and with a huge parking. Often they don't fit into traditional streetscapes, and they don't encourage walking. I really dislike the apparent institutional prejudice against walkable areas which discourage car use. CIBC is guilty of this too, closing several locations on walkable strips and opening a large, suburban-style branch in the Stock Yards with lots of parking and an entrance set back from the street.

My son and nanny played here every day for 2 years since he was a small infant. He bawls every time he sees the center and cannot go in – tough to explain to a preschooler that some greedy landlord has forced the shutdown of HPFFP. Now my child and hundreds more have no where to go in the cold/wet weather except some rare drop-ins at OEYC and some short city programs at Annette and Keele. If the landlord is such an advocate of the community – why on earth would he boot them so he can profit? We are all heartbroken to see the center closed and it really has left a lot of children devastated. Shame on the landlord.

Many people managed before the Family Fun Place opened and many people will manage afterwards.

The OEYC has drop-ins every single day! What more can you ask for, for something that is free!

Evil landlord kicked them out! Boo! When in fact they posted on their website that they were thinking of closing and moaning about not getting enough support from people. They even said they sold their house to fund things! This has been deleted now, seems strange to me?

It's easier to blame the landlord for the failure than it is to admit that you failed all on your own.

What a weird and creepy comment. Chain my kids to the door??? I suppose this must be some kind of (dismally failed) attempt at being funny. Sorry to let you down, but your sense of humor isn't of the same high caliber as your business consulting skills.

Look, seriously, all I tried to say is that many people liked HPFP, and that I find gloating at the failure of someone's dream to be in poor taste (no matter how bad the business plan may or may not have been). I don't see why you would react to this by personally attacking my family. That is a very low blow. I honestly don't think its appropriate in this kind of venue. And I find it very sad that you would even joke about teaching your kids to laugh at other people's misfortunes.

I think people are calling the landlord unscrupulous without really having any information other than what the HPFFP said. If you've rented in Toronto then you know it takes a lot to evict somebody unless they haven't paid their rent. Plus we are only hearing one side and as Dave says it looks as though the renters have deleted information saying otherwise. Troubled I can appreciate that your kids are sad but there are other choices in the area plus complexes like George Bell Arena and High Park as well as a bunch of new art places that cator classes and activities for children.

I can't slight a business man for wanting to make money at his business. When you sell your house do you sell to the best fit for the neighbourhood or do you sell to the highest bidder? The man is just trying to make and keep income coming in to supportr his own family and lets not forget that he has provided the community with a free gathering place (the train station) to use for events so try not play judge and jury without looking at the big picture.

I for one am really sad to see this place go. I was planning to go tomorrow with another 2 moms&their kids in fact. There are not enough places like this in Toronto that have all the amenities this one had plus late hours on Fridays and Saturdays. I also loved that they were open Sundays. All the other indoor playgrounds are only open weekdays and the hours are til 3 or 4. What about us working moms? Or what about wanting to meet other moms after naps on a Saturday to catch up while your kids play? Our weather lately has sucked. Yes outdoor play is ideal but not always possible. Plus my daughters sensory processing issues (we are working with an OT) make it impossible to play in sand or directly on grass. Children of average parents wouldnt understand this but its a real issue for us.
I attended parenting workshops here while they watched my daughter, went to special events and attended a birthday here. My mommy meetup group loves this place because children of all ages could enjoy it. Jennifer and Pierre were so kind and friendly as well.
Sonny, I remember you wanting a YMCA and being negative from the get go. However, it wasnt because of the business plan, it was because it wasnt what you wanted.
I used to drive here from Yonge&St Clair, my friend from the Beaches and another from Etobicoke, all to enjoy HPFF. Nobody I met there disliked it. Moms raved about it.
It will be missed.

This landlord is not unscrupulous, he simply whats his building to work both for the renters and his profits. The festival rented off him and he was nothing but helpful.

I really don't know what the word "cator" means in your comment. 😉

just having some fun.

I must say, HPFFP was one of my son's most beloved places. When I give his friends the news that it's closed down- they always respond with saddness and disappointment. I respect that HPFFP created an environment children loved, and where parents and caregivers could feel comfortable.
It was great to have a business in the community doing something for the whole family. In the months from November- May, we often felt stir-crazy and isolated in our apartment, and this place was like a savior- where my kid could be active and we could interact with other families.
HPFFP had the best interest of children and families in mind- really quite progressive. I'm surprised there's some people commenting on here who are actually taking pleasure in their failure instead of wishing them goodwill (???)
Anyway, it is my genuine hope that they continue to carry out their vision in the perfect venue for them and serving a community who really appreciates what they're doing. We will miss them this winter!

HPFFP had the best interest of children and families in mind- really quite progressive. It was certainly beloved by many children of the neighbourhood (and I mean, some of our little ones cried of saddness to learn that it had shut down!). I'm surprised there's some people commenting on here who are actually taking pleasure in their failure instead of wishing them goodwill (???)
Anyway, it is my genuine hope that they continue to carry out their vision in the perfect venue for them and serving a community who really appreciates what they're doing. We will miss them this winter!

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