Surprisingly Dundas St West has some dead use retail stores still.

Retail locations used as closed offices create rather odd and street face ugliness for the bright retail environment Dundas St. West is becoming.

As the lessor retail businesses occupying Dundas West retail spaces leave to be replaced by new exciting places the same hopefully will happen to these closed offices.



Some are also being used for residential purposes.
They change the Commercial / Residential use portion of their Municipal Tax Assessment the wonder why it is so hard to achieve higher Real Estate values when the buildings come for sale as 100% residential space.

David Pylyp
Living in Toronto

Thanks for mentioning this storefront. It's a strange outlier to the area's resurgence. At the time when the Dundas strip was being revitalized in the 2000s, it strangely went the opposite direction and became a dead space with the lowest budget renovation.

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