Runnymede Rd. underpass graffiti artist work…

Is quite lame. Who ever is doing this could put some more time and effort into it.


That's the Runnymede underpass. The Jane underpass has tiles similar to the ones at Jane subway station. I agree that such vandalism is ugly and also wasteful of the perpetrator's time and money.

Thanks, why my mind does that I cannot understand, I was standing in the underpass posting the post. Nothingressingbon my, not in a hurry, just out.

Thanks for noting it A.R

Agreed, very ugly
Those are tags which are usually an obsession to 'get your name up' in your neighbourhood. The black tag "CGZ" is horrible in terms of style and is all over the place. I can't read it from that angle but the red one is another person attempting to insult the CGZ owner by writing over top. Think of it like dogs marking their teritory by going over another dogs scent.

From a property owners stance the most effective thing that you can do to counter tags on your land is to cross it out with a marker or a single stroke of spray paint. There are several areas around the Junction employing the 'cross out' method. If you walk into the alley across Keele from Russett and Empire you will see that almost everything tagged on the walls back there has been crossed out.

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