Dundas trees and electric wiring

Dangerous and just not becoming this and other electrical problems of the power sources used by the local BIA.

The property and responsibility of the BIA to maintain. It looks like this one may have broke from
It’s tie down, and had a little further help from
Vandalism .
Location:St Clair Ave W,Toronto,Canada


Is there some way that the Dundas businesses could be responsible for watering their trees? Striped awnings like in the old pictures would also be appreciated.
There have been times that we would have liked to go for dinner or shop on Dundas about 5 or 6 o'clock but cannot face crossing awful Dundas/Keele intersection and the long hot walk west on Dundas.
I remember seeing pictures of green cool landscapes at the Junction Arts Festival, right in front of sad dry struggling street trees…simply for lack of water. And that's the Art I remember.

Perhaps someone should kick some beer money to the joyful crowd in Concourse.. in exchange they could water the area!

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