Great peacemaking article please click though to read, there is even a TO connection

Please click thought to Creative Placemaking, there has an article about Outcomes Problem by Ian David Moss of Createquity.Click here please It’s a succinct exploration of the issues that flow when you lack a theory of change or ‘a clear and detailed theory of how and why creative placemaking is effective. And as the Greater Junction Area clearly needs a stronger push to place asking and a larger contingent of people helping this article has much relevance to you and the area you love.

The artist does leak into the “artist” as generator of social place making. But that’s hogwash – ad can be said in Toronto. Everyone can be a maker, helper, idealist, go getter, troublemaker (ya) in taking places and tying them down and into the community for its use and ownership.

Insert blog harping on here… The old number 11 police station is great place to seize from city, elected persons and of course those who see profit signs between their eyes and the building.

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