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? Junctions long-term success depends on the triumph of community-ship and the old police station

Does not the Junctions long-term success depend on the triumph of community-ship – not industrial or retail businesses – successful communities no longer come form large firms putting down factories and the building of homes for workers following, nor will a slew of great retail shops maintain our Junction. A greater Junction will come from mainly an involved populace of residents contributing thought, time and effort to ensure the terrific elements of the Junction are maintained such as our parks – the friendliness of neighbors to each others, continuing the great consideration for children throughout the area and community spirit that drives people to put time and effort in creating and running community events.

We live in a wonderful community where most people articulate those attitudes.


Rather than asking residents, “What can we do

for you?” they asked, “What can we do together?”


Yet we have no place to gather and be responsible for as a community. To enhance and grow the best of our community efforts and design, originate, discover, and produce. A place with meeting rooms for all of this and for everyone. A place for doing, production. A place for meetings and drop-ins a place for a settlement house activities, The Sorauren Ave. area has the field house at Sorauren Avenue Park while the lower part of ward 13 to the west has the Swansea Town Hall where now a renovation adding a new lower wing with roof top patio is being added at city cost.


Above is the building – city owed that can we as a community can create the entire spectrum of what a community place in the Junction.

We need a ‘can do’ attitude among us all who value our Junction and the determination above all else to achieve local control over the old police station property.

Tonight the group looking to spearhead the effort has a meeting at SMASH (2880 Dundas St West) at 7:30pm (kids welcome). Where they will meet and discuss a strategy going forward.


Finley W McLachlan Construction a west Toronto industrial gem site

The industrial site Finley W McLachlan Construction Co Ltd at 195 Fairbank Avenue, in the old municipal area of York has recently become the blogs current fav industrial site.

Located just west of the design district centred around the Castle-field area, this site has a great representative modernist office building and great yard housing a mix of wonderful equipment .

Location:Fairleigh Cres,Toronto,Canada

The Junction – small AND recessed for sale

The entire Greater Junction Area has a limited number of small houses. When they do come up for sale they allow purchasers who could not afford to purchase from the standard stock of 1100 to 1500 square foot houses that dominate the housing size in the Junctions.

Right now on Maria St there is a small house for sale that is also recessed from the street by the double the amount of common Ju area front yards.
Location:Gilmour Ave,Toronto,Canada

Rear section of 1 St Johns Rd getting a great looking new railing

1 St. John’s Rd the former office building which was converted to condos years ago is getting a railing upgrade to a section if its second floor rear balconies.

What’s so terrific about this new railing is the low height rather than a standing height fence.

Always great to have people care for the rear of their buildings. They get ignored too often.

The last part above the rails open for development

St Clair Ave, north of the CPR tracks – and only north side as the south side is already populated by brand retailers such as Walmart really will be the last developed as part of redefining of old stockyards area.

It is quite a page area extending from and including the old New York Pork property all the way to Scarlet Rd.

Although it will be a few years away as a community we should be aware it is going to happen, and give some thought to community input.

Location:St Clair Ave W,Toronto,Canada

Dollar store crush – updated Nov 19 at 9:59pm

Efads on Keele St. Just below St Clair Ave. West. Is closing. Many may have noticed during the last few months a much lower volume if goods in the store.

Cannot figure why a dollar store is closing.


Update: as to ink provided by blog reader Rhain click image to read full story. click image to read full story.


Location:Keele St,Toronto,Canada

Technology Harvests Energy from Railroad Train Vibrations

Stony Brook University engineers have won a national award. The award was entitled” Energy Harvesting” at the Energy Harvesting and Storage USA 2012 conference.

The group researched process and equipment to create an energy harvester that converts the irregular, oscillatory motion of that trains make as they travel over rail track. The system converts the vibrations into regular, unidirectional motion, in the same way that an electric voltage rectifier converts AC voltage into DC.

Top savings from the installation and use of the new invention…according to the researchers…,

save more than $10 million in trackside power supply costs for railroads in New York State alone.

along with a reduction of 3000 tons per year of CO2

and a half million dollars of electricity savings.

“With the MMR design, the technology advances the traditional energy harvesting, including directly generating high-quality DC power without an electrical rectifier in the vibration environment; enabling an electrical generator to rotate in one direction with relative steady speed in a more efficient speed region; and changing the negative influence of motion inertia into positive, thus reducing the mechanical stress and increasing system reliability,” he said. “Such a design not only avoids the challenges of friction and impact induced by oscillation motion, but also enables us to make full use of the pulse-like features of track vibration to harvest more energy.”says Professor Zuo

Here’s the abstract of the presented paper. The blog will finish reading the paper and update this post with images and extracts.


Anelectromagnetic energy harvester is designed to harness the vibrational power from railroad track deflections due to passing trains. Whereas typical existing vibration energy harvester technologies are built for low power applications of milliwatts range, the proposed harvester will be designed for higher power applications for major track-side equipment such as warning signals, switches, and health monitoring sensors, which typically require a power supply of 10 Watts or more. To achieve this goal, we implement a new patent pending motion conversion mechanism which converts irregular pulse-like bidirectional linear vibration into regulated unidirectional rotational motion. Features of the motion mechanism include bidirectional to unidirectional conversion and flywheel speed regulation, with advantages of improved reliability, efficiency, and quality of output power. It also allows production of DC power directly from bidirectional vibration without electronic diodes. Preliminary harvester prototype testing results illustrate the features and benefits of the proposed motion mechanism, showing reduction of continual system loading, regulation of generator speed, and capability for continuous DC power generation.
Location:Quebec Ave,Toronto,Canada

Cavalcade of Lights and Santa parade this weekend

Cavalcade of Lights

The 46th annual Cavalcade of Lights kicks off the holiday season at Nathan Phillips Square on Saturday, November 17 at 7 p.m. Great Gulf joins the celebration as the new presenting sponsor of the event and of Toronto’s magnificent official Christmas tree.

The evening begins at 7 pm with live musical performances by pop/rock vocalist Suzie McNeil, R&B artist Sean Jones and rising star Alyssa Reid and the first lighting of the Cavalcade of Lights display, followed by a breathtaking fireworks display at 8 p.m.

The celebration continues from 8:15 – 10:30 pm with the Sno-Ball sponsored by Timothy’s World Coffee® featuring a concert by international recording artists Dragonette, a fiery pyrotechnic performance by Circus Orange and an open-air DJ dance party with JJ Rock under the glow of thousands of twinkling lights.

Throughout the celebration, the public can visit the 100th Grey Cup Festival tent to have their photo taken with the Grey Cup.

Santa parade

Space station visible in Junction sky Fri Nov 16 5:08 A

Time: Fri Nov 16 5:08 AM, Visible: 3 min, Max Height: 50 degrees, Appears: ESE, Disappears: ENE

Location:McMurray Ave,Toronto,Canada

Articulations the art store east of Pacific Ave wins hands down for the most interesting and exciting window displays

Click image to visit their site


Best viewed at night a stroll