Scarlett Road Bridge reconstruction Part 1.

Just the basics as published by the city for this important and historic reno.

2008, the City completed a study to address the safety and traffic operations in the area around the Scarlett Road Bridge. The study recommended making changes to the bridge and surroundings roads in order to improve the road capacity and reduce congestion.

Bridge and Road Improvements

Replacement of the railway bridge above Scarlett Rd and the addition of one northbound lane and one southbound lane under the bridge for a total of two lanes in each direction.

  • Lowering of Scarlett Road to allow large vehicles and trucks to pass underneath the bridge.
  • Improved sidewalks under the bridge and at the intersections at Scarlett Road and Dundas Street West and Scarlett Road and St. Clair Avenue West.
  • Addition of second northbound left turn lane on Dundas Street West and future bike lanes added on both sides of Dundas Street West.
  • New southbound left-turn lane from Scarlett Road to Dundas Street West.
  • New traffic control signal at Gooch Avenue and Dundas Street West and new left-turn lane from Dundas Street West to Gooch Avenue.
  • Road widening for future dedicated bike lanes on Dundas Street West and Scarlett Road.
  • New landscaping and public art.
  • The City is now moving forward with approved plans to reconstruct the bridge and reconfigure the intersection. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2018 and is expected to last approximately three years.


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