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Gord Perks statement on the Doug Ford reduction in council size to 25.


Full text below, source: Gord Perks  City Councillor, Ward 14 newsletter July 31st 2018, last of the current term.

We don’t have a government “side” and an opposition “side”. Most council chambers are circular to symbolize the fact that all members are part of the government. We also do not have an executive (cabinet) function.The Mayor has some limited powers (e.g. appointing committee chairs) but most of those are granted by Council and can be taken away by Council.

We used this power to reign in Rob Ford when his behaviour was spiral ling out of control.t.

Also, the Mayor losing a vote is not the same thing as the government losing a vote. On Thursday the Mayor supported giving away over $300 million in future tax revenue to a few developers. He lost, BUT THE GOVERNMENT DIDN’T fall.

In legislatures there is a sharp line between passing laws and administering them. The same line is drawn between budgeting for services and and delivering them. There are good reasons for drawing this line which I won’t get into.

In a Council the line is not that sharp. In the broadest sense we are responsible for all actions of the City. 

In most cases we have voted to delegate those powers to staff, in a few cases we delegate to local councillors.[/su_pull quote


this is part one, part two will follow.

Sarah Doucette On the council size reduction.

Full text below, source: Sarah Doucette City Councillor, Ward 13 newsletter July 31st 2018, last of the current term.



I know many of you are angry, like I am, at Premier Ford’s announcement that he plans to reduce the size of Council from 47 to 25. This undemocratic action from the provincial government is effecting our City’s future without consulting us, the residents, on how we want to be governed. I can assure you, Council is moving forward with every means available to reverse this proposal.

Residents of our City deserve a say in how their municipal government is organized
For over two years the ward boundary consultation process “Draw the Lines” held community consultations, meetings with stakeholders, and forums with community groups. Toronto residents shared their desire to have a City Council that more effectively represented our growing population. The resulting 47-ward recommendation was endorsed by City Council and upheld at the Ontario Municipal Board and the Ontario Superior Court. Now, the Premier is erasing years of work and consultation to push through his own agenda.  No matter your view on the number of Councillors, unilaterally altering an election mid-campaign is simply undemocratic and wrong.

At Council yesterday we voted to send City legal to fight this proposal in court.
We also put forward a request to the province that a binding referendum is held. There will also be an emergency City Council meeting on August 20 to update the City on the legal proceedings. Unfortunately, until then, a lot is still up in the air. Our City Clerk directly stated at Council she does not have the ability to hold an election on October 22nd if nominations close on September 14th, as the advance polls open on October 6th.

Heintzman Place Fire safety room rundown during construction 2008. 1.2 mins



8 years ago about this time of year the Heintzman Place Was nearing about 6 floors in height, in this video the fire safety system is talked about.



Caribana opening KING AND QUEEN PARADE opening event





The King and Queen show has traditionally kicked off the Toronto Caribbean Carnival weekend every year since the beginning. The leaders of Caribana Mas Bands will put on their showcase costumes and perform for the Parade judges and an enthusiastic crowd. Male and female competitors are judged on the details of costumes, how that costume represents the theme the Mas Bands will perform during the 2017 Caribbean Carnival Parade and the performance of the leader. At the end of the night, the King and Queen are crowned.
Interesting Historical Fact: In 1971, Clive Brand took the competition to a whole new level. Lighting flares, to better display the intricacies of his elaborate costume, Clive inadvertently lit his very expensive outfit on fire. He was forced to rip it off mid-performance and throw it into Lake Ontario! That night Clive Brand won the honour of being crowned Caribana King 1971. Awesome! 
 AddressLamport Stadium, 1151 King Street West, Toronto, ONHours7PM – 12AMEvent TypeSpecial EventDatesThursday August 2nd, 2018CrowdMature, Young Professionals, Students, UrbanDress CodeNoneMusicSoca, Calypso, Live


Louis Saldenah was born in Trinidad & Tobago and came to Canada in 1970. He followed in the footsteps of his father, the legendary Harold ‘Sally’ Saldenah, one of Trinidad & Tobago’s most renowned Carnival bandleaders.
 In 1977, he produced his first mas band ‘Shangri-la’ which went on to win the coveted Band Of The Year Honors. 
His exceptional organizational, management, financial and people skills, have propelled him to create the most spectacular parade presentations that Toronto has ever seen. Louis has captured the Band of the Year honors 16 times. 
Louis’ creative life, growth and development of this art form have significantly contributed to the creation of this innovative art attraction which has grown to become Toronto’s “theatre in the streets” resulting in Toronto becoming host to one of the largest Carnivals in the world. 
Louis’ artistic vision and creativity have caused excitement, inspiration and joy to tens of thousands of Canadians, foreign spectators and masqueraders

Statement by city clerk on what needs to be done to prepare for new election with reduced council

Overview of the act to reduce TO council size

All txt current provincial legislature


The Better Local Government Act

July 27, 2018 9:35 A.M.
Office of the Premier
So what is happening to Toronto City Council?
The Better Local Government Act would, if passed, amend the City of Toronto Act to reduce the number of councillors and wards in the city from 47 to 25 with boundaries aligning with current federal and provincial electoral boundaries with all changes in place in time for the October 22, 2018 municipal election.
The act would also remove the City of Toronto’s ability to establish, divide or dissolve wards or the composition of council.
Why is the Government changing the size of Toronto City Council?
At 44 seats, growing to 47 seats, Toronto City Council has become increasingly dysfunctional and inefficient through a combination of entrenched incumbency and established special interests. A streamlined Toronto City Council would empower Toronto’s mayor and help ensure that Toronto taxpayers can count on an efficient and effective municipal government. This change is estimated to save Toronto taxpayers over $25.5 million over four years.
What will happen to individuals nominated to run for existing Toronto municipal boundaries?
The Better Local Government Act would, if passed, amend the Municipal Elections Act to extend the nomination period for candidates for Toronto council and school boards for 2018 only. The nomination period would close on September 14, 2018.
Do any of these changes impact the powers of the Mayor of Toronto or the Mayoral campaign?
No. The deadline for nominations for Mayor would remain July 27, 2018 and the powers of the Mayor’s Office would remain unchanged under the act.
How will the Better Local Government Act impact the races for Toronto area School Board Trustees?
School Board trustees are elected under the Education Act. There are no changes to the Education Act and the number of school board trustees will remain unchanged. The nomination deadline would be extended to September 14, 2018. Ontario Regulation 412/00 under the Education Act would be amended to ensure that Toronto school board trustee seats are aligned to the revised Toronto ward boundaries.
What is happening to Regional Chair Elections?
In 2016, the previous Government changed the Municipal Act, without consultation, to require all regional municipalities (with the exception of Oxford County) to select their regional chair by direct election. Previously, regional municipalities could decide to select their regional chair by election or appointment.
The Better Local Government Act would, if passed, effectively reintroduce the ability for a municipality to determine how their regional chair is selected in 2022 and thereafter.
Why are you halting direct election for regional chairs in these regions?
The imposed decision to add a fourth level of elected government in these regions invited dysfunction and discord. This additional level of government competes with local municipalities, who are already responsible for delivering key municipal services.
Previously, regional municipalities could decide to select their regional chair by election or appointment. 
The Better Local Government Act would, if passed, effectively reintroduce the ability for a municipality to determine how their regional chair is selected in 2022 and thereafter.
What will happen to the Regions of Waterloo, Durham and Halton and Oxford County?
There would be no changes to the powers or, methods of selection, for chairs in these areas under the Better Local Government Act.
What is the long-term plan for regional governance?
The Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing will be conducting a review of regional governance across Ontario. This review will include consultations with municipal partners starting with consultations at the upcoming Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) conference from August 19-22, 2018.

Mazes, walk, sit, hug, love in a maze.


Adrian Fisher is a well-known maze and puzzle designer, responsible for more than 700 mazes in 35 countries since 1979. Wikipedia



Below is a link to a PDF of a current article on mazes, review of two books.




21 seconds of my building topping (junction train station) from 2008, done a couple of weeks after the Junction arts Festival




City claims it does not have the skill to expropriate 5 lots for public good.

Feasibility of Acquisition or Expropriation study of 214, 218, 220, 222, 224, 226 and 230 Sherbourne Street results in statement that city staff nor council has the skill expropriate 5 lots for public good.

From the city report.

Staff do not recommend the acquisition or expropriation of the Properties at this time. The City of Toronto does not currently have a policy or standardized approach to the acquisition/ expropriation of properties for affordable housing development. This report recommends CreateTO, the Director, Real Estate Services Division and the Director, Affordable Housing Office, develop an affordable housing real estate acquisition/ expropriation strategy and report on the strategy in 2019 as part of the development of the Housing Opportunities Toronto 2020-2030 Action Plan.






The new Junction ward if Mr Ford drops council to 25

Stuck together two ward maps to get a look at how the new eard would look for the Junction.