West Toronto existed before Canada was whole.

It’s 1885 and some West Torontoians still a separate municipality then the City of Toronto, are off to Antwerp to show off our art, writing and manufactory items.
at this tme Canada or the Dominon of Canada as known then consisted of
CANADA extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. Its area is
3,470,392 square miles. It possesses thousands of square miles of the finest
forests on the American continent, widely spread coal fields, extensive and
productive fisheries, and rivers and lakes that are among the largest and most
remarkable in the world. The country is divided into eight provinces, the
names of which are-
According to the census taken in 1881 the population of the Dominion at

 1. Nova Scotia
2. New Brunswick
3. Prince Edward Island
4. Quebec
5. Ontario
6. Manitoba
7. North-West Territories
8. British Columbia


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