Ward 18 and 19 and Junction Triangle Streetscape Construction planned by city.

City is requesting bids n the following. Closing date: September 10, 2018
at 12:00 Noon

Upcoming work bids request out now.
1219 Bloor St. W. & Margueretta St. (south west corner) – Improvements to paved side flankage by way of unit pavers, planter curbs, planting and a seat wall addition.

Wade Ave. and Lansdowne Ave. (south west corner) – Removals of existing overgrown vegetation and replace with concrete paving and one row of vine planting at building face.

Bloor St. W. and Concord Ave. Bump-out (south west corner) – Concrete curb replacement, planting and bollard reinstatement, river rock addition and one new tree planting.

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