Excellent residential construction shows even when you pull the ground from it.

Daniel’s Corporation is placing the finishing exterior groundworks to this project in Toronto. For disclosure this blogger nothing to do with this project, Other than watching It rise in Toronto’s old Trefann Court district.
Notable is contruction of the steps to the entrance to the townhouse , on a concreate foundation, in this case this plinth for stairs was incorporated into the foundation walls. This will save the purchasers condiderable angst and cost in the coming decades, as stairs not supported in this manner most often subside. This blogger has had to provide a plinth to support front entryway restoration on two houses I lived in the Junction, an area where front wall downward movement is common.
Although this post cites the excellent design by Daniels Corporation it is not a endorement if the firms townhouse contruction, nor is it a expression of residential design or construction work whch I do not do.

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