Can you answer these 8 CPR railroad Apprentice machinist management of people and technical maths questions

Chossen at randon are a number of the questions put to the Apprentices.
oh and classes were held in a train car converted to a classroom !
3. A machinist apprentice can turn 20 large bolts in 3-5 of a working day. Another can turn the same number of bolts in 3/4 of a working day. How long will it take the two apprentices working together to tusn out the 20 bolts. (Length of working day is 9 hours.)
7. What would be the pressure on the piston of a 10″ brake cylinder of a passenger coach in an emergency stop with a quick action valve, if the cylinder pressure is considered as GO lbs. per sq. in. ?

8. An apprentice planing wedges cuts J” stock wedge. If the surface measures 5J x 9J. what is the weight of cast iron cut from 50 wedges.

9. A 18 ft. tank car has a tank 30″ in diameter and 33 ft. long. What is its capacity in gallons.

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11. Explain what is meant by the terms mixed fractions, proper, and improper fractions.

Give examples.

12. Substract 8 15-16″ from 1 ft. 8 3-32″.
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14. An iron plate is divided into four sections. The first contains 29 3/4 sq. in., the second. 50 33/4 sq. in., and the third, 41 sq. In. The plate contains 190 9-16 sq. in.

How many sq. inches are there in the fourth section.

15. The foremen of the north and south machine shops are paid 51,200 per annum. The Supt. of the shops offers them an increase in wages of $5 every half year or six months. The foreman of the north machine shop accepts this offer, but the foreman of the south machine shop objects, as he says it is too small, so the Supt. of shops gives him $20 per annum increase.

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