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Toronto Through the Eyes of Women Artists | Market Gallery now on

Toronto Through the Eyes of Women Artists | Market Gallery

The City of Toronto Art Collection contains nearly 3000 works collected by the City between the 1850s and today. Of the roughly 900 artists represented, a little more than a quarter are women. The gallery has never produced an exhibit focusing exclusively on their work until now. Featuring works by Canadian artists such as Marion Long, Paraskeva Clark and Doris McCarthy, the exhibition highlights how women artists have depicted and engaged with Toronto over the past 160 years


Entry costs are as below.

Parkdale residents Association seeks to be in the Toronto andEast York Community Council rather than the Etobicoke York CommunityCouncil, in new city government.

Date: November 15, 2018 8:57:46 AM

Dear City Clerk,

As a representative of a local community residents association in the

new Ward 4, we request that Ward 4 be incorporated in to the Toronto and

East York Community Council rather than the Etobicoke York Community


Secretary, Parkdale Residents Association

Shacklands Brewery, history of no booze in the Junction, it stated much earlier than you think, here’s a bit of the story to start you off.


Event has already happened


Prominent among such issues was the relationship between tavern keepers and City Council. “As citizens of Toronto it is humiliating to confess that we are ruled by the whiskey ring,” wrote “An Elector” in The Evening Telegram38 For Elector it was obvious that some members of Council, including the Mayor, were actively helping the Anti-Dunkin Associa-tion, the organization arrayed against the prohibitionists. Claims that a “whiskey ring” controlled council had been circulai ing for at least a decade, and were now renewed as an argument in favour of the Dunkin Act. To judge from the leanings of the newspapers (the Tory Mail and Leader alone were opposed to the Act)’ and the “whiskey ring” claims, the Dun-kin Act campaign was an assault not only on the liquor trade, but also on Toronto’s Tory machine.40 For example, the outspoken alderman John Hallam went so far as to assert that He had been one of those who had voted against the reduction of the liquor licenses, by which the city lost $14,000. He would say, although he was sure he would be called in ques-tion for it, that the sum had been voted away by a ring in that Council, simply with a view of perpetuating the liquor traffic. Author, M. P. Sendbuehler 1993

The Junction homeless shelter will be the largest of the 3 the city is opening in 2019

69 Junction shelter beds, 22 more beds than in  shelter 2 and 39 more beds than in shelter 3.

tonight, Canadian Holiday Train Nov 29 in the Junction.

Tonight 6pm 2013 Canadian Pacific Railway Holiday Train, Nov 29th 8:15 pm 750 Runnymede Rd., in front of CP Lambton yard office, map image, click the read more link.



Biking and cycling professional advise sought by City of Toronto in request for services out now.

The scope of work for the Professional Services includes consulting assignments related to the City’s Transportation Services Division. Projects may be at various stages of development; some will have already had substantial investigation and design work completed while others will have only been identified at a conceptual level. For some projects the Vendors may be involved from project initiation to implementation; and for others the Vendors may provide assistance for one or more tasks of the overall bikeway project. The following list provides Respondents with a general understanding of the potential assignments to assist City staff delivering cycling infrastructure projects.

December 12, 2018 Bid closing date

a) Undertaking investigation, analysis and conceptual, preliminary and/or final design for on-street and off-street bikeway projects;

b) Preparation of tender drawings, contract documents and specifications required for issuing the tender package for bikeway construction projects;

c) Contract Administration for bikeway construction projects;

d) Leading and assisting community and stakeholder consultation;

e) Pre- and Post-Evaluation of bikeway projects, including undertaking user counts and surveys, photographs (including drone photography) analyzing transportation data to determine impacts and potential modifications, and documenting lessons learned;

f) Planning, design, implementation and evaluation of bicycle parking facilities;

g) Investigation and assessment of existing conditions of bikeway infrastructure to determine required improvements and priority rating, as part of the annual state of good repair program;

h) Peer review of bikeway design concepts and design solutions prepared by others, within the context of the “state of the art” emerging trends in bikeway design, and best practices from other jurisdictions;

i) Leading staff or stakeholder development and/or training workshops;

j) Research and preparation of reports and on cycling policies, guidelines, programs and strategies.

Moshe Safdie’s personal unit at Habitat 67, Restored

Safdie Architects has officially completed a two-year-long restoration of Moshe Safdie’s personal unit at Habitat 67, a landmark apartment complex designed by a young Safdie himself for Montreal. The project was done in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the seminal structure.

Safdie’s light-filled duplex unit is located on the 10th floor of the 238,500-square-foot brutalist building and overlooks the Saint Lawrence River and downtown Montreal. The careful restoration of the prefabricated piece of architecture has been a serious undertaking. Safdie Architects worked to bring the entire facility into the 21st century by upgrading its technical systems to modern sustainability and energy conservation standards. They also stripped the exterior concrete walls that showed severe signs of decades-long water damage in order to repair, insulate, and waterproof the envelope from the harsh Canadian winters.

Runnymede Homeless shelter clothing lockers ordered by city, to be delivered by mid-February 2019

Ordered 69 Single Clothing Wardrobes for the City of Toronto’s Shelter at 731 Runnymede Road, in the size  24W x 72H x 24D.

Vendor must guarantee delivery of the Deliverables specified in this Request for Quotations by mid-February 2019




Baby Point Gates BIA Has bid offer to construct “The Terrace:Windermere & Annette”



Bidders are invited to provide quotations for the provision of all labour, materials and equipment necessary for the supply, manufacture, delivery, assembly and installation of all elements required to construct The Terrace: Windermere & Annette Parkette in the Baby Point Gates Business Improvement Area within the City of Toronto, ( miscellaneous tax predicted )


Closing date for all bids for the work : December 12, 2018
at 12:00 Noon

All the equipment submitted with this quotation shall comply with Ontario Building Code and CSA standards, where applicable. It is the manufacturer/supplier’s responsibility to confirm that the structural design and installation complies with the most current building code/CSA standards.


5) The Contractor will be responsible for providing all the necessary resources to carry out, but not limited to, the following activities related to this project:

a) protection of building, existing adjacent site elements; b) removals, demolition & excavation; c) installation of new curbs and sidewalk; d) installation of concrete pavement; e) installation of precast concrete unit paving; f) installation of custom laser cut weathering steel bike racks (not in scope / by other); g) installation of custom steel and wood benches; h) perennial, shrub and tree plantings; and i) others as described in the drawings & specifications

Type Books Junction Grand Opening! Saturday, Dec 1 at 10 AM – 6 PM 5 2887 Dundas Street w,

Type Books Junction Grand Opening! Saturday, Dec 1 at 10 AM – 6 PM 5 2887 Dundas Street w,