Baby Point Gates BIA Has bid offer to construct “The Terrace:Windermere & Annette”



Bidders are invited to provide quotations for the provision of all labour, materials and equipment necessary for the supply, manufacture, delivery, assembly and installation of all elements required to construct The Terrace: Windermere & Annette Parkette in the Baby Point Gates Business Improvement Area within the City of Toronto, ( miscellaneous tax predicted )


Closing date for all bids for the work : December 12, 2018
at 12:00 Noon

All the equipment submitted with this quotation shall comply with Ontario Building Code and CSA standards, where applicable. It is the manufacturer/supplier’s responsibility to confirm that the structural design and installation complies with the most current building code/CSA standards.


5) The Contractor will be responsible for providing all the necessary resources to carry out, but not limited to, the following activities related to this project:

a) protection of building, existing adjacent site elements; b) removals, demolition & excavation; c) installation of new curbs and sidewalk; d) installation of concrete pavement; e) installation of precast concrete unit paving; f) installation of custom laser cut weathering steel bike racks (not in scope / by other); g) installation of custom steel and wood benches; h) perennial, shrub and tree plantings; and i) others as described in the drawings & specifications

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