Biking and cycling professional advise sought by City of Toronto in request for services out now.

The scope of work for the Professional Services includes consulting assignments related to the City’s Transportation Services Division. Projects may be at various stages of development; some will have already had substantial investigation and design work completed while others will have only been identified at a conceptual level. For some projects the Vendors may be involved from project initiation to implementation; and for others the Vendors may provide assistance for one or more tasks of the overall bikeway project. The following list provides Respondents with a general understanding of the potential assignments to assist City staff delivering cycling infrastructure projects.

December 12, 2018 Bid closing date

a) Undertaking investigation, analysis and conceptual, preliminary and/or final design for on-street and off-street bikeway projects;

b) Preparation of tender drawings, contract documents and specifications required for issuing the tender package for bikeway construction projects;

c) Contract Administration for bikeway construction projects;

d) Leading and assisting community and stakeholder consultation;

e) Pre- and Post-Evaluation of bikeway projects, including undertaking user counts and surveys, photographs (including drone photography) analyzing transportation data to determine impacts and potential modifications, and documenting lessons learned;

f) Planning, design, implementation and evaluation of bicycle parking facilities;

g) Investigation and assessment of existing conditions of bikeway infrastructure to determine required improvements and priority rating, as part of the annual state of good repair program;

h) Peer review of bikeway design concepts and design solutions prepared by others, within the context of the “state of the art” emerging trends in bikeway design, and best practices from other jurisdictions;

i) Leading staff or stakeholder development and/or training workshops;

j) Research and preparation of reports and on cycling policies, guidelines, programs and strategies.

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