Development of affordable housing as part of creating mixed-income, mixed-use and transit oriented communities.

1 – Motion to Amend Item (Additional) moved by Councillor Ana Bailão (Carried)
That City Council adopt the following guiding principles to facilitate the delivery of the Housing Now initiative and request that the City Manager incorporate these principles in the report to the Executive Committee in January 2019 on the implementation and business plan: 1. Sites to be activated to achieve the highest possible public benefits; 
2. A priority be provided to optimize the development of market and affordable rental housing with a mix of unit types and sizes;
 3. A requirement be included in the offering of the sites to create homes affordable for a diverse range of incomes including deeply affordable homes;
 4. Through the planning and development process existing City and other operations and uses on the 11 sites be appropriately addressed and accommodated; 
5. Utilization of the surplus properties with a priority for the public retention of sites including long-term land leases; and
 6. A strong commitment to public consultation and engagement with City Councillors and local communities be included in planning and developing of each site.
2 – Motion to Amend Item (Additional) moved by Councillor Gord Perks (Lost)
That City Council direct the Director, Affordable Housing to develop business cases for public or social ownership and delivery for any site considered for Housing Now and present them to the Planning and Housing Committee.
3 – Motion to Amend Item (Additional) moved by Councillor Paula Fletcher (Carried)
That City Council direct the City Manager, as part of the January Housing Now report, to include the development of a policy where Toronto Community Housing would provide new affordable housing as part of new developments.
Motion to Adopt Item as Amended (Carried

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