More questions answered about the new Wabash Community Centre being designed now.

Edited text from the answers to questions about the


Currently, the properties on the site have no heritage status but the RFP implies that this could change as the project progresses.


The potential listing/designation of properties on the site would influence what heritage reports would need to be completed as part of the site plan control application.


Question, Can the City confirm if bidders should assume that properties on the site will be listed/designated when putting their bids together, or at least include additional fees for scope based on properties being potentially listed/designated?
If not, would the City have additional funding available for reports deemed necessary as a result of listing/designation of properties?

A2. Section 3.1.3, Potential Heritage Component, indicates that the Scope of Work may include the potential development of the existing building/structure(s) on the project site in whole or in part, as part of the new community centre and that the existing building/ structure(s) on the project site are currently not listed nor designated, but may be considered to have heritage cultural value.
It also states that the design team is to include a qualified, licensed heritage consultant accredited through the Canadian Association of Heritage Professional (CAHP) and that the heritage sub-consultant will be required to attend meetings with the prime consultant, the City’s project manager (PFR) and Heritage

Preservation Services (HPS). Through the design process, the status of the existing two buildings will be determined. With respect to a potential fee adjustment as a result of a heritage listing/designation of the properties, refer to Addendum No. 2 Item A5.

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