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The recollection of a West Toronto hardware merchant | HARDWARE AND METAL April 29, 1922

“A Soft Answer Turneth Away Wrath”

AT LEAST one of the many salesmen who entered his store last week
to sell him various lines of hardware, stands out in the recollection
of a West Toronto hardware merchant. This was not because of the
size of the order given either, for no business was transacted.
After passing the time of day the salesman who represented a manufacturer
of washing machines proceeded to deliver with machine like
precision and rapidity the various selling arguments concerning his particular
machine. The hardware merchant paid little attention to him because
he was not interested in washing machines.

The salesman persisted in delivering his oration of a correspondence
school flavor, and heeded not the lack of interest displayed by his would-be

At last the hardware merchant could stand it no longer.
“Cut it out man. I don’t want to hear all that rifle fire talk
about washing machines.


I don’t handle washing machines and I don’t want to buy any
of them now,” he said.

“Da—–m it”

I believe you’re wise,” retorted
the salesman,who, after briefly discussing
the weather,made a hasty exit, leaving
the hardware merchant to ponder one of the most surprising
answers he had ever received.


Only a LIVE hardware clerk will do for the Junction’s hardware king of the 1920’s

have an opening in our staff for a real, live,
dependable retail hardware clerk. Apply giving
all details to George May, President May
Brothers, West Toronto, Ont.

HARDWARE AND METAL—Advertising Section April 8, 1922

Flint Varnish & Color Company of Canada, Limited, Build at West Toronto


New Varnish Paint

Flint Varnish & Color Company of Canada, Limited, Build at West Toronto.

A modern plant equipped with the latest machinery for the manufacture of lacquers and pyroxylin products in general has been erected at West Toronto iby the Flint

Varnish and Color Works of Canada, Limited. The line of products which will come from this plant includes metal lacquers, bronzing liquids, split leather solutions and water-proof belting cements which, the company state, will match any similar imported articles.

The plant has also technical laboratories equipped to render such service as is necessary to demonstrate the products in a practical way.

Tommy Russell of CCM bikes and moter cars, a Junction starter.

From Wikipedia

In 1895, H.A. Lozier & Co. opened a bicycle manufacturing plant on St. Clair Avenue in the Town of Toronto Junction (as the town was then officially called). “Massey-Harris and Gendron Bicycles also moved some bike manufacturing to The Junction in the HA Lozier factory.”[5]

Photo of St Lawrence Market North site devoid of history as new market building foundation is readied.




A period photo of Mr Campbell of the Campbell block fame a Keele St and Dundas St.

Full Aerial photo of the Junction 1970’s

Sawsea sewer pipe manufacturing.

35 High Park Ave And 111 Pacific Ave O B hearings set for Jan 2920 | new condo development in a High Park issues.

All text the group,

GWL and Minto OMB Hearing Dates Confirmed
The OMB has set January 27, 2020 as the start date for the hearing that pits the City and the HPCA against the two massive development proposals by GreatWest Life (35 High Park Ave) and Minto (111 Pacific Ave).

We are now faced with a more expensive process than expected.

That’s the result of an OMB decision to combine the two applications together for one long hearing of 15 to 20 days duration.  Hearings will begin in January 2020, with a follow up session in March.

Given this news, and the fast approaching and costly hearing, HPCA volunteers are pushing forward with our fundraising efforts.  We need to pay legal counsel to represent us, and pay for urban designer as an expert witness to help the community argue for the preservation of the integrity of the High Park North Apartment Neighbourhood.

Aerial photo of High Park in 1965

High Park 1965