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Macdonell Av and Queen St west East west corner building have been wonderfully renovated

Macdonell Av and Queen St WestEast west corner building have been wonderfully renovated  and even after a few years of wear the building looks great.





75 Commissioners St Toronto | Portland lands redevelopment

JumboStage will be demolished to accommodate the Don River realignment and on-going Port Lands Flood Proofing project. Occurred in the 2nd and 3rd week of Sept 2019. The firm in the film industry now has application for using the city land at 945 Lake Shore Blvd to build a new facility for their use.


demolished 2nd and 3rd week of Sept 2019




Harkow Aggregates & Recycling Ltd. dated May 31, 1995 to probably;y sometime in 2000, as a fully enclosed transfer station and processing facility specializing in construction/demolition waste as approved by the MOEE, ;eased by the city though City of Toronto Economic Development Corporation.


Inv 2018 the following proposal was considered and still sits in the review stage, but as to Sept 2019 the buildings no longer exist

The proposed development involves dismantling the existing pre-engineered metal structure (the JumboStage) at its current location at 75 Commissioners Street, and relocating the structure to the subject site (945 Lake Shore Boulevard East), where it is to be reassembled immediately. This proposal also includes the development of two additional film and television production studios (referred to as Stage 5 and 6).

letters from city web site

number one sept 25th 2019


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To: Gregg Lintern, Chief Planner & Executive Director

City Planning Division

City of Toronto

100 Queen Street West

Toronto ON M5H 2N2

Attention: Kyle Knoeck, Manager of Community Planning – Toronto & East York District

George Pantazis, Planner, Community Planning – Toronto & East York District

Date: September 23, 2019

Re: 945 Lake Shore Boulevard East

Site Plan Control Application – Third Submission

Reference Number: 18 268543 STE 14 SA

R.E. Millward + Associates Ltd. is pleased to submit the enclosed revised plans, reports, and other supporting documentation in response to comments received regarding the site plan control application pertaining to 945 Lake Shore Boulevard East (City of Toronto reference number 18 268543 STE 14 SA). We look forward to the City of Toronto’s review of these materials.

The City of Toronto Economic Development Corporation (“TEDCO”) is the owner of the lands, as indicated by the Parcel Register Certification provided as part of this resubmission package. It should also be noted that the subject site at 945 Lake Shore Blvd E and the adjacent property to the west (915 Lake Shore Blvd E) are under the same ownership (as indicated on the Parcel Register Certification and corresponding Plan of Survey). Studio City Toronto Inc. (“SCT”) has entered into a long term lease with TEDCO to improve, maintain, and operate both parcels for the purpose of film and television production.

Overall, the building proposed at 945 Lake Shore Blvd responds to the planning policy framework and existing context as it complements the existing studio facility on the adjacent 915 Lake Shore Blvd property and is similar to nearby film studio uses, such as Revival Film Studios which is directly north of the subject site. Part of SCT’s proposal involves replicating the former “JumboStage” located at 75 Commissioners St. The well-utilized JumboStage will be demolished to accommodate the Don River realignment and on-going Port Lands Flood Proofing project. Therefore, this proposal simultaneously serves to develop the previously vacant site at 945 Lake Shore Blvd E (as per the Request for Proposal released by CreateTO in May 2018), while also replacing a critical piece of film infrastructure and increasing the City’s studio inventory by adding two additional sound stages.


On behalf of Studio City Toronto Inc., R.E. Millward + Associates Ltd. filed an application for site plan control in support of the proposed development on the subject site at 945 Lake Shore Blvd comprising three new sound stages including a new JumboStage. The site plan application was initially submitted on Page 2 of 4

December 14, 2018, followed by a second submission on April 9, 2019. Technical comments on the second submission were received between May 8, 2018 and May 24, 2019. Although no formal comments have been received from City Planning and Urban Design, a meeting was held on April 11, 2019 to discuss outstanding questions and concerns, and Planning and Urban Design comments were received via email on July 18, 2019 after several discussions with staff.

All comments have been addressed through this third resubmission. We hope that City staff and external agencies are now satisfied with the submission materials and we can move towards obtaining site plan approval.

Revised Proposal

The proposal has been revised in a number of areas to address matters raised through the application review process. A detailed list of all revisions is included as a part of the submission package, addressing each Division/Agency’s comments (see attached revisions list).

Below is a summary of the changes that have been made for this submission:


Notations identifying ‘No Parking’ signs have been added to the site plan drawing A100 for areas within or adjacent to the Type B loading spaces.

Municipal Engineering

A Hydrogeological Assessment Report has been completed and included in this submission.

 The Stormwater Management Report has been revised as requested by staff. This report also includes a Sanitary Capacity Analysis Report (Appendix G).

 A Draft Private Easement Reference Plan has been produced to identify the limits of the shared vehicular entrance, overland flow route, and storm services. After the City of Toronto and TEDCO review the Easement Reference Plan, appropriate survey monuments will be put in place and the plan will be submitted to the Land Registry Office for approval and deposit.

 The Parcel Register Certification has been provided for 945 Lake Shore Blvd E and 915 Lake Shore Blvd E in addition to the associated survey to demonstrate that the properties are both under the ownership of TEDCO. Therefore, a letter from the neighbouring Owner’s solicitor to permit access to their property for the purposes of re-grading and installation of storm servicing infrastructure is not provided.


 Necessary permit applications have been submitted to the City of Toronto.

Six new trees have been proposed in the public road allowance to enhance the tree canopy, allow for more comfortable walking conditions, and provide more privacy for the site.

 A revised Tree Inventory and Preservation Report and associated Plan have been provided.

 Permeable paving and a bio-swale continue to be proposed on-site.

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Urban Design

Two rows of hydrangea hedges are proposed on the interior (south side) of the existing fence (in addition to the existing landscaping in the front yard which is to remain) to provide more screening and vegetation on-site and enhance the view of the site from the street.

 The existing fence will be upgraded, including painting the metal spindles in a dark grey colour to compliment the branding strategy.

 On-site circulation has been enhanced by adding a chevron pattern to the pavers along pedestrian walkways.

 An archway that will mimic the profile of the JumboStage is proposed to formalize the entrance of the site at 945 Lake Shore Blvd E.

 11 bicycle parking spaces have been provided.

Other Notable Features:

 Energy efficient lighting and heating continue to be employed as well as heat reflective roofing.

 Bird-friendly visual markers and glazing are proposed for the exterior of the building.

 Note that senior site manager, Ken Ferguson, founded GreenScreen Toronto to build awareness and facilitate better sustainable practices in the film industry. This approach is being applied to the development at the site.

Submission Package

The following materials are submitted in both hard copy and digital formats:

 Resubmission Form.

 Detailed Revisions List prepared by R.E. Millward + Associates dated September 23, 2019.

 Toronto Green Standards.

 Project Data Sheet.

 Architectural Plans A001 through A500; prepared by RAW Design, dated August 14, 2019.

 Civil Engineering Plans C-01 through C-06; prepared by LEA Consulting, issued for SPA Resubmission September 13, 2019.

 Landscape Plan LS-100 and Landscape Details LD-100 and LD-101; prepared by Terraplan Landscape Architects, issued for SPA on July 19, 2019.

 Tree Inventory and Preservation Plan Figure 1; prepared by Kuntz Forestry Consulting Inc., dated June 24, 2019;

 Surveyor’s Real Property Report; prepared by IBW Surveyors, dated October 10, 2017.

 Parcel Register PINS Certification for 945 Lake Shore Blvd E and 915 Lake Shore Blvd E; prepared on May 31, 2019.

 Draft Private Easement Plan; prepared by IBW Surveyors, dated September 12, 2019.

 Certification Letters from Servicing Report Groundwater Summary – from Owner regarding water hauling and drainage; prepared by Studio City Toronto Inc., dated August 19, 2019.

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 Certification Letters from Servicing Report Groundwater Summary – from Geotechnical Engineer; prepared by Haddad Geotechnical Inc., dated August 19, 2019.

 Certification Letters from Servicing Report Groundwater Summary – from Mechanical Engineer; prepared by GPY + Associates Engineering Inc., dated August 19, 2019.

In addition to the materials listed above, the following materials are provided in digital format only on a USB that is included in the submission package:

 Site Servicing and Stormwater Management Report (submitted as Parts 1 and 2 due to file size); prepared by LEA Consulting, dated September 23, 2019.

 Servicing Report Groundwater Summary Form; completed by LEA Consulting, dated September 23, 2019.

 Hydrogeological Assessment Report; by Golder Associates Ltd., dated September 2019.

 Hydrological Review Summary Form; by Golder Associates Ltd., dated September 13, 2019.

 Landscape Cost Estimate; prepared by Terraplan Landscape Architects, dated July 31, 2019.

 Tree Inventory and Preservation Plan Report; prepared by Kuntz Forestry Consulting Inc., last revised June 24, 2019.

We look forward to the review of this resubmission. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience.


Robert E. Millward, FCIP, RPP


1200 Bay Street, Suite 1101

Toronto, ON M5R 2A5

cc. Ken Ferguson, Studio City Toronto Inc.

Roland Rom Colthoff, RAW Design

Matthew Bernstein,



Interested in knowing the cost to landscape a Municipal street area or Right of way in Toronto? Here is an example

Cost Estimate for Landscaping or Municipal or ROW in Sept 2019 for (945 Lakeshore Blvd East as part of a studio development.



click for full size, sor/development proposal document submitted to city

George St rebuild ok or what?

Friars Music Museum in a Toronto’s Shoppers Drug Mart | 279 Yonge St.


Toronto’s celebrated music history is now on permanent display in the Shoppers Drug Mart south of Yonge-Dundas Square – a legendary building that housed the Hard Rock Cafe and famed nightclubs The Friars and The Nickelodeon. Spearheaded by the Downtown Yonge BIA.

Located at  279 Yonge St. — occupied by the Hard Rock Café from 1978 until 2017 — part of its second floor is now the Friar’s Music Museum, a time capsule snapshot of the famous music venue that stood there a half-century earlier.

Instruments and other musical artifacts, along with photos, videos and stories from the many music icons who performed on Yonge St. stages.










Smart car seat aims to prevent hot car fatalities, Canadian engineering


Guardian Angel car seat, was recently included among the finalists for capstone project of the year by the Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET). Finalists included the top two projects submitted by each of the four polytechnics in Alberta: NAIT, SAIT, Red Deer College and Lethbridge College.

As a second-year Biomedical Engineering Technology student at NAIT, Burke proposed the idea for the capstone, an end-of-program project, to classmate Jennifer Pettem.

“I thought it was a great idea that would be very meaningful to people if we were able to create this and make it a reality,” says Pettem.

A third student, Rachel Beaudette joined the team and, after four months of work, the trio turned a conventional, bucket-style car seat into their prototype.

Outfitted with sensors and lights and synched to an Android app on a parent’s phone, the seat monitors ambient temperature. It also lets a caregiver know when they’ve gone too far from the seat.

Last Outdoor Movie: Saturday, Sept. 28 Join us for kids’ games, food, basketball jamboree, family barn dance and The Iron Giant



The Sorauren Outdoor Movie season concludes Saturday September 28 at the Town Square and Fieldhouse plaza with a special event for kids: a screening of the animated classic Iron Giant, and a pre-show starting at 4 pm with kids’ games, activities, a family barn dance, a basketball jamboree and a pizza and pierogis dinner.

The movie, starting at 7:15, is free, donations accepted, and all proceeds including Snack Shack sales contributed to the Friends of Charles G. Williams playground fund. Cool Charles G swag will be on sale. Read more.

Modified bamboo a steel rebar alternative? | reported by Journal of Commerce


Bamboo injected with an elastomeric polymer could prove to be a practical alternative to steel rebar as reinforcement in concrete.

That’s the conclusion of research done by three engineering technology students for a Capstone project at Lethbridge College in Alberta.

For their efforts which showed injected bamboo performed well against steel in low-load scenarios, the students received the Capstone Project of the Year Award for demonstrating ingenuity and sustainability from the Association of Science and Engineering Technology (ASET) Professionals of Alberta.

Modified bamboo a steel rebar alternative?


Full details from the source below

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Sunday, October 20th, Honest Weight will be hosting an east coast cottage party in support of St. Joe’s

This New England–style fishmonger/seafood spot highlights daily catch prepared numerous ways.
2766 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6P 1Y3

Friends of Sorauren Park – Community Centre Survey, just before the city hires the architects



All text the group, Dear Neighbour :

The City of Toronto will soon hire architects to work on the final design for the Wabash Community Centre at Sorauren Park. This is exciting news, and the Friends of Sorauren Park is asking for your input on what you’d like to see at our new community centre.

Please take a moment to answer the questions below [or: to answer the questions on our short survey by clicking here (link).]

This survey has been created by the Friends of Sorauren Park, a non-profit volunteer group dedicated to the completion and enjoyment of Sorauren Park.

The intention is to collect community input that can help inform the design process and construction of the new community centre planned for Wabash Avenue adjacent to the park. The survey is just one consultation initiative of the Friends of Sorauren Park to help identify community needs and desires.

Construction of the $40-million community centre is to be completed by the City of Toronto and is slated to open in 2023.

Thank you for completing the Friends of Sorauren Park community centre survey. For more information on the progress of the community centre construction, please visit

Start taking the survey here by answerng the first question below.

Joël Campbell
Chair (Volunteer), Friends of Sorauren Park


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