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The Whale and the Raven – Free screening, Annette Public Library, 145 Annette St. Hosted by Green 13 and Annette Branch Library

The Whale and the Raven
 – Free screening and discussion
Tues. Jan. 21, 2020
Annette Public Library, 145 Annette St.
Hosted by Green 13 and Annette Branch Library
The NFB has granted us permission to host this free screening of The Whale and the Raven. Please share this invitation widely.

View the trailer here.        (60 sec.)

In preparation for this screening, we recommend you view this  6 min. video,    which explains why aquatic mammals, cetaceans such as whales, are so very vulnerable to the noise pollution which resource extraction and transport bring.  Learn more here:

Toronto Public Space Committee, Wednesday January 15, 2020, Council Chambers, Toronto City Hall (100 Queen St. West)

The Toronto Public Space Committee is back and we’re holding monthly meetings to talk about all things public space!

Please join us for the first general meeting of the decade where we’ll have the opportunity to share public space stories and work on new projects.

Date: Wednesday January 15, 2020

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Location: Council Chambers, Toronto City Hall (100 Queen St. West)

Event link:

Juice and cookies will be provided 🙂  All are welcome!

Toronto Public Space Committee

6 to 7 percent construction escalation in Ontario in 2020.

Market consultant BTY is forecasting that Ontario will lead the national construction industry in growth in 2020 with a escalation in Ontario  of 6-7 per cent.

Jean Vanier learning disabilities visionary died in 2019.

Jean Vanier,

founder of L’Arche, was born on September 10, 1928. He died of thyroid cancer on May 7, 2019, aged 90

When Jean Vanier visited an asylum for 80 men with in northern France in 1964, he found the residents walking around in circles and doing little else. Suddenly, one looked at Vanier with hopeful eyes and asked: “Will you be my friend?” In the mo-ment that it took him to smile and nod, Vanier’s life was changed. Convinced that disabled people could become the teachers of their carers, he bought a stone cottage with no plumbing in the village of Trosly-Breuil, 60 miles north of Paris, and invited two men from the asylum to live with him. “I thought we might have fun,” re-called Vanier, who founded 154 more communities that he named L’Arche (The Ark) to signify inviting people in pain to take refuge. In each, people with disabilities live in equality with their carers. There are 12 L’Arche communi-ties in Britain.

Photos extensive dewatering efforts for development on Toronto’s shoreline.


Above 2019 Dec, round concrete and metal bars elements are from the warehouse buildings which previously sat on the site.


Above 1947



RYERSON Fellowship in Gender, Disability and Social Justice POSTION


Tanis Doe Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Gender, Disability and Social Justice

Department: School of Disability Studies, Faculty of Community Services
Position supervisor: Dr. Esther Ignagni
Contract length: Two years
Hours of work per week: 36.25
Position type: Post-Doctoral Fellow
Start Date: May 1st, 2020
Rate of pay: $45,000 plus benefits
Deadline to Apply: March 1st, 2020

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Hot and cold water faucets, Outside.

Hot/cold faucets can make washing dogs, cleaning garages, filling kiddie pools and sparkling windows a breeze. And, these faucets won’t freezE and burst in sub-zero weather.


Retaining tanks at the Portland’s project Cherry St. At Commissioners St.


Dec 2019


BYRON WILLSON BEMROSE, B.A.Sc., P.Eng. – The Gardiner expressway chief.



Commissioners St Dec 2019 closure for bridge and waterway creation.