Mr Perks statement on the issue.

Coun. Gord Perks, one of only two members who voted against the recommendations, said he doesn’t want any barriers between the public and “the building that they own.”


“You can take your grievance down to city hall and get a hearing and maybe nudge us toward a better way to run the city,” he said. “Every time we put a barrier in, we undermine that remarkable local democracy.”


Feb. 18 changes to visitors access to city hall, estimated cost is $350,000 and is to be absorbed in the 2020 capital budget for corporate real estate management.


Access will be only through the front doors facing Nathan Phillips Square and the parking garage and PATH entrance.


Screening will not be nesscesary  to attend the main information desk, library, washrooms, or city hall café.

Anyone hoping to enter beyond those points will pass through screening, which will include bag inspection, declarations of prohibited items such as weapons  and noise making objects, and WILL require passing though  a metal detector.