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In side the grain silos at the now Organic Garage site on Junction Rd.

The large round silo which sat in the south side of Junction Rd. for decades had a repair shop in their basement, pictured below.

Below an photo of the silos from the 5th floor of Henizman Place during the construction of the condo.



Below a view of the silos to the west of the CPR tracks with the Henizman condo to the south of the tracks.

And finally the silos during their use as storage for cement for the St Mary’s cement company, their last use before demolition.

Shoxs pre 2015 photograph

Conversational Capital | Guy Laliberte, founder, Cirque du Soleil “Like all great ideas, Conversational Capital is at its core simple: word-of-mouth momentum can be created, harnessed

Conversational Capital: How to Create Stuff People Love to Talk About

“In The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell presents an important idea without any ‘how to.’ Now Bertrand Cesvet provides the ‘how to’ you need to create ‘Tipping Points’ for your business and success. This book is a compelling presentation of a powerful idea. This is how the new world will do business. Highly recommended if you care about your future.”


Stewart Emery, coauthor of international best-seller Success Built to Last
“Ultimately, magic is unexplainable. Still, Conversational Capital provides the most insightful analysis of what makes our shows ring in the heart of fans.”
Guy Laliberte, founder, Cirque du Soleil
“Like all great ideas, Conversational Capital is at its core simple: word-of-mouth momentum can be created, harnessed, and used to build consumer passion for a brand better and more cost-effectively than almost any other marketing medium.”
Rupert Duchesne,CEO of Aeroplan
“Marketing is an art that Conversational Capital turns smartly into science. This book provides the complete prescription for getting consumers excited about your ideas.”
Jim Champy, coauthor, Reenginering the Corporation, and author, Outsmart!
Embed into Your Products and Experiences the Ingredients that Drive Advocacy:
Create products and services that consumers find truly significant
Intensify consumption experiences to transform your brands into market leaders
Don’t settle for serendipity: manage and control the word-of-mouth around your brand by manipulating eight powerful experience amplifiers
For all the books that speak of the value of consumer advocacy, few indicate how to create it to begin with. Armed with a compelling set of examples from their own work in fostering leading brands, the authors reveal the triggers of word-of-mouth and a process to embedding them in your own products, helping you create stuff people love to talk about. From Bertrand Cesvet, chairman of Sid Lee, a leading purveyor of experiential design and communications services that leverages commercial creativity for breakthrough brands including Cirque du Soleil, adidas, and Red Bull.
1% of the proceeds from the royalties earned by the authors will be donated to the One Drop Foundation. The mission of the One DropTM Foundation is to fight poverty around the world by giving everyone access to safe water.

Sadly the Junction Residents Association website is no longer up and running. is no longer displaying the Junction Residents Assoc. web site, itvapperas the hosting serviice forvthe site is no longer active.

Below is a screen capture of the site as it last was.

click image to see it full size.




The Junction LCBO site when it was Mcbrides Cycle and right after the demolition.



Trinity Belwoods event | western lights projection | February 27 to February 29, 2020 from 7pm-11pm Dundas St.



Quick guide to attending,

Show will take place from February 27 to February 29, 2020 from 7pm-11pm with viewing times every 15 minutes at 809 Dundas St. West (the south-east corner of Dundas St. West & Palmerston St.) The event is free for those who attend.

The show is family Friendly


Toronto, ON (February 11, 2020)- The Trinity Bellwoods on Dundas BIA presents a new winter initiative to drive community engagement and visitors to the hip stretch of Dundas St. West, also known as the Trinity Bellwoods on Dundas BIA.
Western Lights: ISOCHRONAL is an artistic showcase by artist Fezz Stenton created through 3D mapping and animation techniques. Stenton will transform the 116 foot-long wall at 809 Dundas Street West, bringing its features to life with textures of Ice, Molten Heat, Lush Greenery and Crystal Structures. Through a process of exploration and discovery, generates the imagery and textures that are then mapped to the architectural details of the building. The 8 minute performance will be accompanied by a score and sound design by Toronto Artist and Musician Graham Bertie.

The new initiative was created to help activate the Dundas St. West neighbourhood (Bathurst St. to Grace St.) through lighting and projection to digitally engage building facades during the long winter months. It is a first of its kind for The Trinity Bellwoods On Dundas BIA.

“Our goal was to create an event that is not only enticing enough to bring the immediate community together during winter, but also give visitors from different communities an opportunity to explore the unique businesses which are part of The Trinity Bellwoods on Dundas BIA.” said Melissa De Luca, Co-Chair.
A public event listing is found on our facebook page

again attending info,

The family friendly show will take place from February 27 to February 29, 2020 from 7pm-11pm with viewing times every 15 minutes at 809 Dundas St. West (the south-east corner of Dundas St. West & Palmerston St.) The event is free for those who attend.


artistic statement about the work

ISOCHRONAL [ ahy-sok-ruh-nl ] adjective 1. equal in length of time 2. occurring at equal intervals of time

Our world has a tempo and rhythm that drives life and decay, an endless cycle that pushes life forward to make way for new growth. This work takes a closer look at the beauty found when we see our world change and adapt within its own isochronal cycle. Seasons, cycles and patterns fuel the planet, and the way it moves and breathes. Isochronal is a projection mapped performance that invites the viewer to look closer at the natural world to gain a greater appreciation for its intricacies.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Cassandra Alves

about the artist, below the read more line,





About The Artist: Fezz Stenton


Stenton’s work focuses on exploring the microscopic details of materials, using 3D rendering techniques he emulates the reflective and refractive qualities of ice, glass, stone and crystal. Through the simulation of naturally occurring factors in of real world optics and physics, he creates a generative system that is explored through iteration and experimentation.

After moving to Toronto in 2013, Stenton started his career in real-time visuals, lighting and projection mapping for events like the Foundry festival where he developed his craft with Artifact Creative setting a new bar for installation design at music events in Toronto.

Stenton has created visuals for artists such as Juan Atkins, Four Tet and Nina Kraviz and Toronto’s Electric Island festival.

In 2015, Stenton joined Occupy VR as partner and Creative Director and became a key part of Occupied’s growth as they pushed the boundaries of what immersive VR and 360 ̊ video can do, leading to clients like Vice, Samsung and Lincoln.
At Nuit Blanche 2019, Stenton created a large scale projected river inside of the Mars Discovery District atrium. Together with his team at Occupied VR with Music from Daniel Lanois and Poetry from Margret Atwood. The exhibit Transformation served as a rallying cry to address the destruction of our ecosystems caused by single use plastics.


While overall Canadians are dying layer, young men are going at a faster rate.

Canadians are dying at a slower rate, with improved outcomes for cancer and circulatory diseases although young Canadians and greatly men aged 20 to 44 are dying at a faster rate.

Statistics Canada believes that the opioid crisis is a major cause of Canada’s stalled life expectancy.

“The drug overdose crisis occurring in Canada was a major contributing factor in the changes seen in life expectancy from 2016 to 2017, especially for men,” the agency wrote in a report.


Thursday February 20, 2020 Toronto Public Space Committee meeting at city hall.

all text the group.

Have you wondered, “How can I volunteer with the Toronto Public Space Committee?” Here’s your chance!

Please join us this Thursday February 20 to talk about all things public space and connect with people across Toronto who are working on public space projects.

Do you have a public space idea/project proposal? Come to the meeting and share it!

If you can’t attend, feel free to add your contact info to our google doc and/or reach out to people you’re interested in working

Date: Thursday February 20, 2020

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Location: Committee Room 1, Toronto City Hall (100 Queen St. West)

Event link:

Juice and cookies will be provided (feel free to bring snacks to share) All are welcome!

Toronto Public Space Committee

Gord Perks, one of only two members who voted against barriers between the public and the building they own.

Mr Perks statement on the issue.

Coun. Gord Perks, one of only two members who voted against the recommendations, said he doesn’t want any barriers between the public and “the building that they own.”


“You can take your grievance down to city hall and get a hearing and maybe nudge us toward a better way to run the city,” he said. “Every time we put a barrier in, we undermine that remarkable local democracy.”


Feb. 18 changes to visitors access to city hall, estimated cost is $350,000 and is to be absorbed in the 2020 capital budget for corporate real estate management.


Access will be only through the front doors facing Nathan Phillips Square and the parking garage and PATH entrance.


Screening will not be nesscesary  to attend the main information desk, library, washrooms, or city hall café.

Anyone hoping to enter beyond those points will pass through screening, which will include bag inspection, declarations of prohibited items such as weapons  and noise making objects, and WILL require passing though  a metal detector.


Twowheelpoli blog has a great blog about upcoming info on the railpath.

On Wednesday, February 26, the City of Toronto will be hosting a public meeting at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) to reveal the final design of the West Toronto Railpath extensionto Abell Street….highlighting some good, bad, and ugly recent developments.

Full post here