Amazing Spadina expressway futuristic drawing UNIVERSITY of TORONTO Bulletin FRIDAY 13thMARCH 1970

HARBORD-SPADINA intersection as it may appear in five or six years if the Metropolitan Toronto plan for the area is implemented was sketched for the announcement distributed by the Metro planners on Monday. The artist imagined himself looking south. As indicated by the arrows, southbound vehicles on the Spadina Expressway may come up to street level south of Bloor, then turn left on Harbord to make connections with St. George or Queen’s Park Crescent. Northbound vehicles would drop down to the Expressway level shortly after making a right turn off Harbord. The Metro Department of Roads and Traffic has made estimates of hourly volumes in peak periods. Its people report their studies indicate that 600 northbound vehicles on the Spadina Avenue service road south of Har-bord would swell to 1100 north of the intersection : of these 400 would drop down to the Expressway proper. The forecast for southbound vehicles is that 800 would peel off from the Expressway stream and make the left turn onto Harbord Street.



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