The Italian eating wonder place chain, with numerous outlets around Toronto selling good tradionial and slightly bold Italian bakery and a list of other staples from the country has opened a 16000 sq foot venue on Sackville St which along with retailing will prepare foods for their other locations.

The space includes a space a  bakery, catering, butchery and a gelateria, while outside you are in one if Toronto most disruptive communities, yet one that is a half decade away from change, which will only come when the building of the condos moves up to blocks to Queen St.

A bit from their web site,

first Terroni on Queen West was modest, a small store selling southern Italian staples. To display their wares, the guys stacked olive oil and tomato cans on a skid and put it in the front window. In the beginning they made more money from a coin-operated foosball machine than from the store itself. Elena, Cosimo’s soon-to-be wife, would work the old cash register, the kind that had levers and a crank