1961 Toronto had a population 52 eskimos.

While the total population was 1,801,156.

Thinking of this as a measure of strangers likely to be found at the bus stop, or waiting in line at the post office, you were 0.2904 to run into a Eskimo in Toronto in 1971.


2001 brings a new name, it may have appeared earlier as a replacement name for   Eskimo, and 100 Inuit living in Toronto. The total population of the city was 2,998,680. Leaving you with a chance of meeting a Inuit at 0.1091 at the bus stop.

Total city tracts: 929 Census Tracts Were used in this.

Interested in Indigenous Art, here is a place of interest.


1971-Oshawa No Inuit.

2001-Oshawa No Inuit.

Total city tracts: 68 Census Tracts

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