Plant it forward piece on King St. East. By John Notten.

When someone is kind to you, pay it forward. When someone grows something for you, grow something for someone else.
The is the concept of Plant It Forward.
In the spirit of circular economy, a system that strives to eliminate waste and promote the continual use of resources, this King Street addition welcomes you to participate in a living work of art. Virtually every component has a previous life just as every part will live on elsewhere in the community. The lumber comes from a 150-year-old Distillery Building and the plywood from an old factory. And the plants growing here, tended and harvested by the local community, will continue to thrive long after this installation is gone. Each of the seven units that make up Plant It Forward will be given to local community groups and schools so that they will have a complete kit to continue their own gardens. So sit back and relax in a cozy wheelbarrow that one day will be part of a plant it forward future.
The artists gratefully acknowledge the support of those from this community that will be tending the garden.
Friends of ST JAMES PARK

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