1886 The Parkdale lumber manufacturing and building  company Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Lumber, Lath and Shingles.—Among the recent large enterprises established in Parkdale, and which tend to increase its commercial importance is that of the Parkdale lumber manufacturing and building  company (Limited), whose office is at 43 Queen Street, with factory at West Lodge Avenue. This firm is most extensively engaged in the manufacture of all kinds of house builders' supplies, which includes mouldings, sash, blinds, doors and shelving, etc. They also deal largely in lumber, lath and shingles, both whole-sale and retail. The trade is large and constantly increasing, and extends throughout rhc entire Province of Ontario. 
The company was established in 1883, and their factory at West Lodge covers an acre of ground, where they have a siding from the Canadian Pacific Railway for convenience in transporting their lumber and manufactured goods. This cimvenience has been found to be a necessity, and is a great sav-ing in cartage, which would otherwise be required. There they have commodious sheds for storage, and the building, which is u.>ed as a factory, i.s 65×100 feet and two stories in height, being composed of wood. They employ in this factory 50 hands, and at their branch factory at West Toronto Junction they give employment to eight more. Their business is constantly and rapidly increasing, and the excellence of the work done by them is a guarantee of still further advancement. already mentioned 
Besides the business Already mentioned ,the Company are contractors and valuators, in which they have n large patronage. The President of the Company, Mr James Stewart, is a native of Ireland, and Mr George .Sinclair, the Secretary-Treasure, is a Canadian by birth. Both are gentlemen 01 unqualified ability, and ic their hands the business is  treasure bound  to succeed.