Highlights West Toronto Junction Junior Games 1931

Source: The Globe; Nov 17, 1931
Toronto Canoe Club and West Toronto triumphed in the opening games of the S.P.A. junior series before a crowd of about 2,000 at the Maple Leaf Gardens last evening. The Red Ringers routed U.T.S. – the final score being 10 to 0 – in a rather listless contest but the second game, in which West Toronto downed Aurora 12 to 2, provided plenty of excitement due mostly to battling spirit of the Aurora youngsters, who never gave up until the final bell.
The Red Ringers displayed several new faces in the early game but many of the newcomers proved effective and this, coupled with the experience of a few players left over from last year’s squad proved too much for the Blue and White. T.C.C. scored five goals in the first period, two in the second and three in the third and if they had wished to extend themselves might have made the margin of victory greater.
West Toronto, who have been practicing for some time, indicated that they are out to capture the honors in the series. For so early in the season they showed some find combination at times, and in all, look like a formidable aggregation.

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