What intersections in the Junction need the orange flag take back the roads effort.

Flags for holding at dangerous crosswalks can be found in some places across the city. As well in some areas orange flags are used for intersection in a residential community where there is a lot of traffic. Each corner has a number of flags in a holder which can be picked up and waved his children or other pedestrians cross the road once they cross the road flag is redeposited in another holder on the opposite side of the street. This particular section has a school at one of the corners.

The most dangerous intersection in the Junction it’s most likely the one at junction Road and Keele Street north of the CPR railroad bridge. Many other intersections such as Annette St at Clendenon Avenue, are dangerous also with always in a rush; running stop signs and yellow lights and making dangerous turns. Red flag use can protect the most vulnerable, such as seniors and children and the disabled making them as visible as possible to these drivers.

The big bright orange flags are helping to make our roads safer.

At each corner of the intersection, canisters with bright orange flags are attached to streetlight poles. When crossing, pedestrians:

  1. Take one flag
  2. Look both ways
  3. Maintain eye contact with the driver
  4. Cross street with flag held up in the air
  5. Place flag in the canister at the other side of the street

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