Serious pedestrian vehicle injuries in the Junction, the numbers and reality. A review of incidents from 2006 to 2019.

Quick Facts.

In 14 years, 8 incidents occurred.

No incidents reported in the following years, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2016.

This amounts to 7 full years of the 14 year reporting period of 2006 to 2019 in which no incidents occurred.

When a vehicle hits a person or a person comes into contact with a moving vehicle the injuries can be great. The blog looked at the Toronto Police data that was available and produced 3 tables of the data colour coded for clarity.

Table 1, at the top, provides the data for all serious collisions where a pedestrian is involved.

Table 2, below, Details how the pedestrian and the vehicle(s) were moving st the time.

Table 3, last below, Details the pedestrian injury type.

Note: incidents are grouped by colour for same occurrence, as the police list each person and vehicle in a incident.


The statistics presented in this post are from the Toronto Police Service, which defines the Junction geographically as pictured above, the highlighted orange area is the area where the numbers and facts in this post apply.







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