The cost of the West Toronto Junction Subway


A Black and white photo from 1953 of the Keele St. subway that allows the CPR railway to travel over Keele Street just north of Vine Street and a little further north of Dundas street west.  In June of 1890 West Toronto Junction Board of Works met and awarded tender, that of Mr. B. Gibson, contractor, who submitted the lowest tender at $54,772 for the substructure, and the Dominion: Bridge Company, $10,250 for the superstructure.

Today the word subway is commonly used to Describe underground transit networks using urban cities to transport people such as the Bloor –  Danforth Subway in Toronto, However the word subway has a much longer use describing areas of a roadway that is lowered to allow the rail train to pass under roadways.

The second image is a colour image of the subway in 2022. There now is  a condominium to the east and a self storage facility to the west.


original reporting by The Globe (1844-1936); Jun 4, 1890; The Globe and Mail

        West Toronto Junction

The Board of Works met Monday night and

opened the tenders for the construction of the

Keele street subway.  There were eight in all

five for the excavation and masonry, include-

ing the draining, and three for the superstructure.

The board recommended the acceptance

of the lowest tender, that of Mr. B. Gibson,

who was contractor for the King street sub-

way, at $54,772 for the substructure, and that

of the Dominion: Bridge Company of, Montreal.

$10,250 for the superstructure.  The sureties of

The former are Messrs.  John Scully

and Wm.  Ryan, and the latter Messrs.’,

  1. Fairman and A. Ewen, of Montreal. Marked

Cheques for 5 per cent. Of the contract price are

Company each tender.  The other tenders for

the excavating and masonry were $63,504 22,

$72,876 20, $73,333 30, $76,311, and for the bridge

work $10,304, $10,493 19.  The names of parties

other than the one recommended are unknown

except to the clerk and engineer.  Even the

members of the board were uninformed in the

matter.  The Council meet this afternoon,

when, it is expected, the matter will be timely

settled. The new road machine has arrived

and commenced operations yesterday morning

Western avenue.

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