Temple by Hubert Dalwood, sculpture in High park


The artwork “Stainless Steel Tubes” by Hubert Dalwood is a striking and thought-provoking piece that invites viewers to consider the relationship between art, materiality, and the natural world. The sculpture, which consists of a group of stainless steel tubes placed vertically in a rectangular formation in High Park Toronto, located north of the forest school, which is near the High Park Ave and Bloor St. west entrance to the park.

The dynamic of the sculpture’s location, set among trees and greenery, which contrasts with the industrial material of the sculpture. This contrast creates a dialogue between the natural and the artificial, raising questions about the relationship between humanity and the environment.

The work also evokes a sense of nostalgia, as it brings to mind the changing nature of the city and the passage of time. The tubes are reminiscent of the structures of industrial architecture.

It is one the last remaining works from a project in 1967 which placed a number of artworks in this area of the park, some now gone.


source: https://neighbourhoodartsnetwork.org/toronto-arts-online/nan-member-events/events/permanent-installations/temple

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