Runnymede shelter letter from Councillor Frances Nunziata to the ward she represents.

Number CD13.1 Proposal for Emergency Men’s Shelter at 731 Runnymede Road, can be found at the following link:

I encourage you all to attend the Committee Meeting on Thursday, June 23, 2016 in Committee Room 1 of City Hall (100 Queen Street West) to have your say. 

The meeting begins at 9:30 am; however, I have arranged for this item to be scheduled to be heard at 10:00 am.
You can register to speak by clicking on the “Register to Speak” button at the top of the link, or by sending an email to, 

stating you wish to speak on this item. If you are planning on attending the meeting to make a deputation (i.e. to speak) please let me know.
In addition to attending on the 23rd and speaking at the Committee meeting, 

I also encourage you to send comments in writing to the Committee (so that your comments become part of the public record) and to the Members of Council who sit on the Community Development and Recreation Committee.
The list of people you should be emailing are as follows:
Community Development and Recreation Committee –
Ana Bailão –
Jon Burnside –
Josh Colle –
Paula Fletcher –
Joe Mihevc –
James Pasternak (Chair) –
If you would like to copy the Mayor as well, his email address is
This information will also be posted on my website. 

  • If you have any questions, please contact my Executive Assistant, Jennifer Cicchelli, at 416.392.4092 or by email at

Councillor Frances Nunziata
Ward 11, York South -Weston
100 Queen St. W., Suite C49
Toronto, On M5H 2N2
416 392 4091

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