2789 and 2803 Dundas Street West (old Mc Brides site) Public meeting

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From staff report

This application proposes to amend the former City of Toronto Zoning By-law 438-86 to permit the construction of a new 7-storey mixed-use building fronting on Dundas Street West. The proposed development would include a total of 107 residential units and two levels of below-grade parking with 72 parking spaces. Eighty-two bicycle parking spaces are proposed. Ground floor commercial uses would total 994 square metres. Vehicular access will be provided from a public lane off Indian Grove Road at the rear of the site.


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  1. Dirk says:

    Excuse my language, but **** NO!!!

  2. nb says:

    Seven stories is way too high for the street. It sets a bad precedent for more large developments along dundas street and is in a really bad spot for traffic.. at keele/dundas really not a fan of this proposal.

  3. junctionist says:

    I’d rather have a nice 7-storey building than a shelter or some trashy development like a car wash or strip mall–both of which would be reliant on people driving for their business. This lot has sat empty for years since the 1920s block that sat on this site was demolished. We were supposed to get a car wash a few years ago, which everyone seemed to oppose. I think that if people oppose this development, we’re just going to get something trashy or a vacant lot for decades. Look at how people opposed the development of that seniors residence on Dundas just west of Runnymede where that car wash is on the south side. The owner then just renovated the car wash, and now we’re stuck with rather cheap and ugly structure that only generates more traffic.

  4. Raymond says:

    Seven storeys does not seem very large however, 107 units is sure packing them in!
    Comment about the lost seniors development is right on. It was not where near being a dense development. Easy walk for seniors to grocery shop. I could not believe something so suitable would be killed off.

  5. John says:

    I’m all for this development. Its reasonable density for this empty lot. We do not need another car wash or plaza (what it would become otherwise)

  6. Dana says:

    Wondering if anyone attended this meeting and has any further details about this development?

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