2896 Dundas Street West, so much needs to be saved.

2896 Dundas Street West, built as the Molson’s Bank, is the one of the two LAST iconic buildings in the Junction with a complex facade. Ot is also the only building on the north side of Dundas St. West. built with a complex facade.

The interior of the the bank was also splendid, what it is like now, is mostly unknown.

Saving this building, is important.

The grand ball room in The Campbell Block was lodt a few years ago with not a peep from the community.

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  1. Josh says:

    My wife, daughter and I lived in this building for 5 years until last year. The building was sold and we were given eviction notices (2 days before Christmas 2016). When we questioned the eviction’s legality, we were served papers claiming the new owners’ children were moving in and taking our apartment. Unfortunately we were a few months shy of the new rental rules in Ontario, which make evictions of this sort more difficult for landlords.
    The new owner was rude and verbally abusive, our landlady had always been a nightmare and now that she got her payday, was no help to us. All I can hope is that this greedy SOB has all the trouble in the world converting this building!

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