2978-2982 Dundas Street West and 406-408 Pacific Avenue (Zon

Zoning By-

law Amendment application proposes to modify City Council’s previous approval for the development of 2978-2982 Dundas Street West and 406-408 Pacific Avenue (Zoning By-law Nos. 953-2015 and 954-2015) by including three additional properties to the development (2984, 2986 and 2988 Dundas Street West). The current application proposes to demolish the four existing buildings containing 7 residential rental dwelling units on site and redevelop the site with an 8-storey mixed use building. The building would contain 892m2 of retail space at grade, 84 residential rental units on the second thgh seventh floors and a partial eighth storey that would contain indoor amenity space and provide access to the proposed rooftop amenity space. The total gross floor area of the proposed development would be approximately 7,519m2, representing a density of approximately 4.6 times the site area. There would be approximately 892m2 of non-residential gross floor area (commercial and retail uses) and 6,627m2 of residential gross floor area.   
A total of 84 residential units are proposed with a unit mix of: 52 one-bedroom units (62%); 28 two-bedroom units (33%); and 4 three-  units (5%). The applicant is proposing that 7 of the units will be replacement for the existing residential units to be demolished. Of these 7 rental replacement units, 3 are one-bedroom units and 4 are two-bedroom units.   
The overall height of the building would be approximately 26.4m. The building is proposed to step back from Dundas Street West above the third and fifth storeys for the majority of the building frontage. The building would step back from the rear laneway immediately north of the building above the fourth, fifth and sixth storeys. Along Pacific Avenue, the building would be stepped back at the sixth and seventh storeys.   
A total of 56 parking spaces are proposed to serve the development with 52 parking spaces for owner/occupants and 4 parking spaces for the retail uses and residential visitors. Parking for the occupants would be located in a 2-level below grade parking garage with access from the rear lane. Visitor and retail parking would be located at grade at the rear of the building and accessed from the rear lane.  
A total of 84 bicycle parking spaces would be provided, consisting of 76 resident spaces and 8 visitor spaces. The resident bicycle parking spaces would be located within the parking garage on Level P1 and the visitor bicycle parking spaces would be located at grade at the rear of the building.   
One Type G loading space is proposed to serve the development. The loading space is proposed at the rear of the building and would be accessed from the public lane.   

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