Apture info window

This is Blog workings  post that many people may not be interested in… so why post it, well because a new item plugged into the blog is designed to provide  links to all sorts of things that could be opened up right on the page and within post.

We started by using linked words to new windows and then  footnotes for secondary information related to post contents, neither of which suited for all purposes as various types of  information are better presented with different methods of display.

Now we are testing the service  Apture a service that allow blogs to Integrate reference guides, images, video, maps, music, documents, presentations.

it does this by opening a small move-able window when a Apture related word (as chosen by the blog post author is hovered over).

…an example using the word stormwater opens the W article on stormwater.


Apture is a well regarded internet startup that is well financed, and ethical, we have Googled them and information about them for a couple of weeks, and  tested the service on another test blog, to ensure this. They will serve no ads or tracking with the service.

…what we like about Apture is that it allows drill down into a subject.

let us know what you think…thanks

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