34 Junction Rd.      Progress photo post.    


Last time I was in 43 Junctun Rd, a Junction Dundas St. Business was thinking of moving it.

Now a much sought business across the city – The Organic Garage is repurposing a large portion of the building for their Toronto store. This supermarket proabaly be the buggest draw of people from other areas of the city. 
Most of the other floor space in the building will be sat a fitness centre.




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  1. Manny says:

    43 Junction Road
    Toronto, Ontario
    M6N 1B5
    EMAIL: customerservice@organicgarage.ca



  2. Dirk says:

    Many years ago this was The Comfort Soap Works. I could have sworn this building was renovated sometime around 2010 though – weren’t they doing some construction on it then?

    • junctionist says:

      They just painted the front of the building back in 2010. The Comfort Soap Works was located on the western half of the property, but it disappeared sometime in the early 20th century. This building probably wasn’t used by the Comfort Soap Works–it’s too modern. It was most likely the shipping warehouse for Maple Leaf Mills. Trains would be driven inside for loading the final product (flour). There were shipping docks for trucks in the front.

  3. John says:

    LA Fitness is the health club, there will be a swimming pool on the second floor (large opening in the roof), according to their plans.

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