35 Wabash Avenue – City staff determine project as sensitive infill 

 City Planning Division recommends that:
1. City Council amend former City of Toronto Zoning By-law 438-86, as amended for the lands at 35 Wabash Avenue substantially in accordance with the draft Zoning By-law Amendment to be provided prior to the Toronto and East York Community Council meeting of June 14, 2016.

Before introducing the necessary Bills to City Council for enactment city Council require the owner to:
i. Revise and re-submit the Functional Servicing Report to the satisfaction of the Executive Director, Engineering & Construction Services for review and acceptance. The report will determine whether the municipal water, sanitary and storm sewer systems can support the proposed development and whether upgrades or improvements to the existing municipal infrastructure are required.
ii. Enter into a financially secured development agreement for the construction of any improvements to the municipal infrastructure, should it be determined that upgrades are required to support this development, according to the functional servicing report accepted by the Executive Director, Engineering & Construction Services.
4. City Council request that the following issues be addressed through the site plan process to the satisfaction of the Chief Planner and Executive Director, City Planning Division:
i. Removal of the windows on the east wall where the building abuts the property line.
ii. Limiting window openings on the east and west elevations to approximately 40% of the wall area with the remainder to be clad to the satisfaction of the Chief Planner and Executive Director, City Planning.
iii. Reducing the proportion of window to wall on the south side of the property to address a typical side-yard to rear-yard relationship, including limiting principal windows and the proportion of windows to wall, to be in the range of 25%.
iv. Submission of detailed plans showing the necessary soil volumes provided to ensure healthy tree growth.
v. Appropriate depth of the rooftop planters at the edge of the roof.
vi. The submission of a construction management plan which will also be to the satisfaction of the Ward Councillor.


This application proposes a 4-storey apartment building containing 60 dwelling units at 35 Wabash Avenue. There are 68 vehicle parking spaces proposed in one underground level.
The application represents a  on sensitive infill currently vacant land. The height and massing of the proposed apartment building is appropriate in the existing built form context of the surrounding neighbourhood, and the proposed residential use is consistent with the associated Neighbourhoods policies of the Toronto Official Plan. The neighbourhood is well served by both public transit and parks and open space.

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